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Troper Wall / The Farmboy

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  • My gift, from me to you. A troper wall, to abuse! ~ zbse
    • I appreciate the gift.
  • ... Someone said "abuse"? Yes, that's how we welcome people here. - Elva
    • Depends, what health benefits do I get?
    • Also, the icecream is delicious! yellowturtle
  • Something for your amusement. ~Rockonman
  • Hello there. - Shane Bane Neumann
  • Greetings, new kid. Coffee? *raises flask* -Bisected8
  • Heya there! Nice seeing you at the forum games, I'm sure you'll have a good time! =D-Ironcommando
  • Do you want me to remove that tropefication? It wasn't meant as anything negative - my humour's a bit odd, is all - just so you know. - Elva
    • No worries, I don't mind.
  • Earth, sea, sky, whichever will be the best choice? - Shane Bane Neumann
    • Hmmm..... all of the above?
  • HELLO. I am writing? What even is this? ~Rockonman
  • Hi! How are you today? - Princess Gwen
    • Fine, schoolwork.
  • Vandalism; Pass it on. -EeveeGirlChey
  • If I were a brick in your wall, I'd have to develop an immunity to paint fumes. :P -WRS
  • Hello. How are you? - Ellen Van Zylle
  • Mwahaha... ~ Infinity Ryujin
  • What's your favorite animal? I have so many that I can't choose just one (not even the one in my username. :P) ~DrNoPuma
  • Come to the Darth Wiki! It's very cozy and warm over there! -Blizzardeye Wonder
  • What's it like to live in imitation USA? Well, it's better than the original right know- Hamza678.
    • Really we're like a cross breed of UK and USA, with a dash of France and Ireland. To answer your question, it's a bit better, but our dollar isn't all that good now.
  • You forgot to add Aussies to your list of people who suck! - TropesForever
  • From head to hat. - Gehayadren
  • Every time I think of a Farmboy, I either think of you or those NP Cs in RPGS that don't bother defending themselves.- Revaryk
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  • This troper wall is all wet! It's completely useless now! -DrNoPuma
  • You Have My Sword, and My Bow, and My Axe. - Mkayrose