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Hello, welcome to my Troper Wall!

Comments can go here...

  • You used to play Neopets? what was your account name? - Hayati

  • If I'm reading your folder correctly you have written a crossover of Magic School Bus and Higurashi: When They Cry. Link please?
    • On the other hand, if I'm reading it incorrectly... well. You have good taste. :D - Noaqiyeum
    • Higurashi/Magic School Bus? Yes please! Also, you have a Dragonfable account? I thought I was the only one! A pity I've kinda abandoned mine… - Dragon Khorse
  • Thanks for your comment. Now, let us go on a journey through time and spaaaace... - Pirka
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  • =) - Kat
  • Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. For the next half hour, we have taken control of your computer. We control the contrast and the window size. *DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN* GameSpazzer
  • A fellow Goosebumps fan? With the same last name as me? Whould'a thunk it? But anyway, *clears throat* welcome, Diamond-sister? Blake Diamond
  • Yes! A fellow Cat Girl! - Nekoalexa
  • I love the pun at the end, well done. ~ Braincogs
  • GREETINGS, FELLOW ASPIE!!!!! It's very cool to meet you. Judging by your page, I can only assume that you are one of the most awesome people I've ever met. ~ Aspie
  • -highfive- for us being dorky and playing Neopets! Haha. :) ~Bella
  • I found your page somewhat amusing. And now for the cluster missile bombardment. -Shichibukai
  • *breaches door and storms trope page guns blazing* -A looter
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  • Images in Wiki Pages = Commander Obvious
  • Hey, I don't think we've met be...-trails off-...-picks at coat fluff- ~Aralyn
  • I, too, am a normal Earthling. Come, let us do normal Earthling stuff together. Or not... I won't be offended. The randomness you see on my page is mostly Junfez's fault. I just haven't gotten around to changing the colors back to black yet. - Karl Kadaver
  • Your name's not ridiculous enough. You aren't a true Mary Sue! :P ~kay4today
  • Terrified of Germs like me! —Belfagor
  • If you've yet to get around to watching Fight Club, you should.
  • Aspies of the world unite! What, were you expecting us to hold hands? I am also an Aspie. HI!!! Out of curiosity, why is your page image falling out of the side of the screen? (This comment is going to be hilarious when the picture does get fixed....) ~Indigo12ash
  • At first, the city of Rome was ruled over by kings; the freedom and the consulate were established by Lucius Brutus. -the Hylozoist
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  • Thoughts on this band? ~Rockonman

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