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This is Shane's Troper Wall. Vandalism and such goes here. I'll eventually add more things here...
This is Just For Fun, of course.

Go to my main troper page here.

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    Tropes that other members believe apply to me 
Here, the tropes that apply to me (according to other people) go. Please sort the list alphabetically, and add your troper name at the end. If you can (or want to), please add the date as well. Ascended tropes from this folder will appear in the top folder with a date of ascension instead. Sometimes I'm too lazy to "ascend" them though.

  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: How else would you describe someone simultaneously working on six mods for Cave Story? — videogmer314
    • I have to keep myself busy. Besides, there are some things that I can't do, which I have to ask the help of another person for. Also, counting two of my old mods, and one I forgot about, it's nine mods. How I can work on nine mods all at once I have no idea. — S Bane N
  • Broken Bird: Your past has obviously made you the stoic yet strong person you are nowadays. Don't worry, we're here for you. c: -Nerd Bird
    • Broken teenager, to be technical... and thanks... — Shane
  • Cloudcuckoolander: It's hard to tell what you're thinking sometimes. Mokona Zero
    • You call it Cloudcuckoolander, I call it "weird, crazy and random". Okay, I don't, other people in my hometown do.
  • The Cynic: Just like below. -Mokona Zero
    • And that's a super trope, with "The Eeyore" being under it.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: And I quote: "Wayne Jakobus Michael the Dark Master of Death and Destruction and Chaos and Oblivion" -Mokona Zero
    • Actually, that is evil, in RPGs that used to have him as a character. Where he killed fifty planets with just one attack.
  • Dysfunction Junction: There are lots of people with problems. In fact, lots of them have had worst things that happened to them. Basically, it could be worse for you. There's always someone suffering more than you. -Mokona Zero
  • The Eeyore: Almost makes me even more cynical. -Mokona Zero
    • Sorry 'bout that. I guess that's one thing I also have to work on. — S Bane N
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Calm down, man. — Everzwijn
    • I try. And fail miserably. It's all because of my horrible past. — S Bane N
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Assuming the temper part is true, I think you're this or a Nice Guy if it's not true. -Mokona Zero
    • The temper part is really true. Unfortunately. I can't even control my anger. Also, my heart's not gold - yes, I took that literally. — S Bane N
  • Kind Hearted Cat Lover: Fairly nice guy, with a love for his cat. -Mokona Zero
    • Teenager. And yeah, even if she gets me in trouble, I still care a lot more about my cat than myself. — S Bane N
  • Large Ham: You have your moments. -Mokona Zero
  • Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold: I can't see why everyone would hate you. -Mokona Zero
    • Neither do I, unfortunately. But I know it's bad enough to try and kill me several times on my birthday. — S Bane N
  • Mood-Swinger: Possibly? Your mood changed from very depressed to very happy. -Mokona Zero
    • It's a new year, isn't it? It's a brand new year and a brand new start~S Bane N
  • Not So Stoic: Come on, even though you say that you're a little on the cynical side, I could tell that you're a really nice guy. I'd be stoked if my male acquaintances were as nice as you. - Unprettier
    • ... Oddly enough, nothing random comes to mind.
  • Opposites Attract: You're the sad guy, I'm the cheerful one. Mokona Zero
    • Although it's negated on extremely rare occasions, like when I'm cheerful for some reason. — S Bane N
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Any times you use happy emoticons. -Mokona Zero
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Red to my blue. -Mokona Zero
    • How fitting, in terms of the order the colours come in - red is my second favourite colour, blue is my third favourite.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: I can't see why anyone would think you're a girl, but first some reason you always mention your gender...a lot. -Mokona Zero
    • Just to prevent people from triggering my Berserk Button, that's why. Better safe than sorry, after all.
  • Third-Person Person: You say "Shane has...." pretty often. -Mokona Zero
    • Yeah, just to see who would notice.
  • The Woobie: — Boxen
    • I almost read that as The Rookie... — Shane...
  • You Are Not Alone: And how! Everyone has some problems, so try and not be so down. We're here for ya Bane. :D -Mokona Zero
    • I am alone in my home country, though. Trying not to be down is (apparently) as hard as playing Cave Story with only 1 HP.


    The Alliance of the Mysterious Realm 
Also known as "friends".
Tropers who consider themselves to be my friends are to add their troper names here, if they want to. I'll add some tropers here too if I consider them such. I'll also add more as I remember to, although I'm pretty forgetful sometimes.

    Main Vandalism Folder 
Vandalism goes here. If you have your own folder, please vandalize that.

Vandals may add their own folders if they want to. It's just how nice I'm trying to be. Please remember to move all your previous vandalism things to the new folder.

  • Your page has things on it Porschelemans
    • Yes, it's a Wall of Text. I hope that it becomes a larger wall of text, though.
  • il1BybA3Mmg - Porschelemans
    • First place already? Wow, d'you travel through time?
  • Guten morgen. -Danniiee
    • Ah, German. One of the languages I don't speak fluently yet. G'morning to you too!
  • Throw the CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!! - Mr Mallard
  • Life is unlimited,Death is eternal.
  • 'sup? Coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8
    • No thanks, I don't drink coffee.
  • Armored Fury clicks the edit button and writes something here!
    • It's supper effective!
  • Hello! Just to let ya know, I'm glad you are a fan of Dwarf Fortress, Iji, and La Mulana!, and also here to notify your edits to my page are a success! NES
  • Life is only an emphty void, where gramma is not important, we all shall be consumed in the deep void and...So... did you know that Frieza can transform? Tropers/Tomodachi
    • And burter is gay. Tropers/Tomodachi
    • I really don´t know what to say D:
      • Such a thing is scary indeed.
  • Never turn your back on a cactus. ~ Bresher
  • HEY! You're not wearing shorts! - Youngster Lahn wants to battle!
    • Actually, I am. Pokémon Trainer Shane sent out Pikachu nicknamed Raichu.
  • ohai MarkRobbie Rotten
    • Shane, actually.
  • Round two on the vandalization. Any non-anime shows you like outta curiosity? NES
    • As far as I know, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And Supernatural (which is Live Action TV). Those are the only three non-anime shows I have ever watched.
    • Hmm... Funny that I notice new vandalism while replying to it.
  • Goede dag, meneer. Ik ben hier om uw pagina te vandalizeren. — Everzwijn
    • Is this... Dutch?
  • I remember you mentioning something about squirrels with swords once, and well, SQUIRRELS WITH SWORDS ~ Squee!~ — PretentiousSkyCat
    • Yeah, 'twas a nightmare I had in which I got killed by one. It didn't kill me with a sword. It killed me by exploding as though it was a nuclear bomb. -_-"
    • My, that's....horrible...and....awful...and...umm...well, to be perfectly honest, that still makes me squee. :3 —PretentiousSkyCat
  • Hello again, fellow Rat! —PretentiousSkyCat
    • Squeak? Squeak squeak squeak! (Uh? I'm a fish-rat.)
  • Commenting to let ya know you weren't alone with the horrible past. Being stuck with a Prima Donna (However it's said) class stunk worse than skunk, and my physical education class at 8th grade stunk even worse than that. NES
  • I think not Xiphos. Thinking about it though, I hope your mods get great fame! Well, I can't think of too much to comment with unfortunately. You just got caught with the comment bullet in this game of Russian Roulette. NES
  • Waiting to be ninja'd. Porschelemans
    • Hiya. There's no ninjas in vandalism. I guess.
  • Vandalism is best avoiding ninjas
  • HURRY GET BACK. ~Rockonman
  • ... Hello.~ inhopelessguy
  • Bummer, man...I hope you can sort it all out, soon. If you need a couple of laughs, and some cheering up, you know where we are! -eternal noob
  • Echoing Mr. Noob's sentiment. I would also really like to try out one of your mods sometime. BTW, how do you feel about fan art? Would it be something that would possibly cheer you up a bit? If so, I would be more than glad to link you to some of my favorite Cave Story fan art. Anywho, cheers, my fellow fan of Pixel. :D -Mobile Leprechaun
    • As long as the fan art is not NSFW, it could cheer me up. And if you want to know which mods not to try out, Cave Story Time Warp is one of them. I plan to remake it in the future, but when I don't know yet.
  • いわれのない日本のFTWの Starfy64
  • Word Slaai te gaan Sewe! Hoender! Onzin! -Starfy64
    • Is that Dutch?
  • A death folder? Oh dear! Things definitely aren't that hot if ya have a death counter! NES
    • Nah, it's just there so that I can remember how many times I got in trouble here. Like when I said I'd punish myself, and not elaborating that I'd be killing a video game version of me - throwing somebody named Shane Neumann in a deathtrap in a mod for Cave Story. And it's not a folder.
  • i grant you raging handfuls of vandalism -Tropers/ Palindromee
    • It's very effective.
  • Have I vandalised? - Porschelemans
  • Dhe kodi binar fshehur në këtë faqe? Unë nuk mund të gjeni atë! Ngatërrojmë ju në harresë! -Starfy64
  • You've really organized this page! Also I've just given you the plauge! HEEHE! Eldritchseer
    • Thanks, and hope you don't mind that I fixed the link.
  • NEW VANDAL? ~Rockonman
    • If you're talking about the "vandalism from after 13/01/2013" thing: it's for the "troper score" thing that I decided to add to make myself even more busier. I'm crazy like that sometimes.
  • Hello there fellow Troper! Nice to meet you! Here, have some "Biggest Fight" cheer your day up! (It's such a kickass theme) ~V Phantom
  • ...and the 8-biter has hopped on the board! I am not dead yet! NES
  • My condolences for your grandfather's death - Porschelemans
  • This series is awesome. -Landorkus
  • Прывядзём што фантазіі да лічыльніка, ці не так? У маёй першай наўмыснае паведамленне ў гэтай тэчцы занадта -Starfy64
  • Vandalism is, indeed, awesome. Besides the crown (if it was a person), it would also need a blazon or a coat of arms. - Quag15
  • /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Make a contract with me, and become a Magical Girl! -Kyubey
    • ... Y'know, that actually reminded me of something.
    • It was supposed to. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ -Landorkus
  • Oh hi. So, how are you holding up? Because I'm a Magical Girl. -Puella Magi Landorkus Magica
    • So far, I'm doing okay. Because I'm a teenager who is a bit insane and likes freezing things that are being electrocuted. Although it's not cute because electrocution never is. And a random +4 of randomness.
  • Here's my second strike. I got a sword, by the way! - Quag15
    • Swordwielder!
  • Strike 3! You did it to me 3 times, so we're even! Until next time... - Quag15
  • 4th time around! You vandalize quickly, I see. By the way, I'm fine, thank you. - Quag15
  • Strike 5! 4x combo. Sorry to hear about your grandfather, though. May he rest in peace. *salute* - Quag15
    • Thanks. *bows* And it would appear that there's an equalizer now in terms of "troper scores"... :o
  • Na Na Na na Na Na Na Na NA NAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! -Tomodachi
  • Na16 BATMAN! Landorkus
  • Well you seem to have amassed quite a number of vandals. I'm impressed. - Pretentious Sky Cat
    • That, and three of them have their own folders.
    • Vandals? Oh dear, where's St. Leo The Great when you need him? Or were those the huns...eternal Noob
  • You are not safe from vandalism either! This was made to the sound of Daft Punk. - Quag15
  • There are now spiders under your skin. Don't think about the spiders under your skin. ~ GameSpazzer
  • We are coming, We will devour your kingdom. - Eldritchseer
  • Cats are one of the world's greatest resources, second only to narwhals.- Pretentious Sky Cat
    • Shane sent out Meowth, Glameow, Skitty, and Purrloin! Shane faints!
  • Yeah, ice doesn't affect me. But that's what happens when I use my volcano hands! - Quag15
  • I guess they'll never stop trying to destroy my page. By the way, *KABOOM!* - Quag15
    • ... Guess this page has seen more destruction than that— *ground shakes* ... Was that an explosion or a nuclear squirrel?
    • Yes, I'm taking care of them xD.
    • ... I thought skies were made of sunlight.
  • Danica uses GRAFFITI! It's super-vandalising! -Danniiee
  • RUMBA. - Voyd211
    • ... Why's the ground shaking? D:
  • This page has BEEN SOMETHING. ~Rockonman
    • Everything is something. Even nothing is something.
  • Tell me why the blind man cries... - Mr Mallard
    • Because... he's blind.
  • Guten tag, Herr Neumann. c: -Danniiee
    • Guten tag, Danniiee.
  • Who am I? And why am I talking to myself? -Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Ya been caught in a LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE! Ya can't deny it! - Voyd211
    • ... People lie a lot to me.
  • OHAI S BANE N. -Danniiee
    • Hello!
  • Hey. I'm a vandal. Have some vandalism. -Logan Locksley
  • My wit tank is running rather empty at the moment, so unfortunately I can't say anything particularly funny right now. Don't tell anyone, okay? - Completely Normal Guy
    • Why not say something random instead?
  • I RETURN! ahuehuehuehuehue. And thank you for considering me a friend, I'm honoured. ^_^ BTW, my new username is Nerd Bird, so you might wanna change that. c: -Danniiee
    • I added an "also known as" thing there.
  • Damn this is a long page. Had trouble finding this folder. - JR Pictures.
    • Sorry about that. It's just to make it easier to navigate... for some. :P
  • I never knew you were such a popular target for vandals. You even have special folders for prominent vandals! - WolfMan16
    • Some of them made their folders out of free will, actually.
  • 8 is superior to 7. - Landorkus
    • 17 wins...
  • This has been a Vandalisation of - JR Pictures.
  • And now I am become vandalism, the amuser of worlds. - Voyd211
    • And as you have become that, so have I become... an avenger.
  • They will swing back to the belief that they can make pages better. And I do not hold to that. So no more editing. I aim to vandalize. -Logan Locksley
    • I aim to... be the very best that I can be.
  • So I can apparently vandalize your page. Who knew? - Khantalas
    • Many people did.
  • It's good to be back and vandalize, especially since you vandalized me more than I towards you. The squirrels will be ready again any time now! I'm fine, by the way, thank you very much! - Quag15
  • Was thinking of saying something witty, but decided that since I don't know you very well, I will say this: WAF Fl ES! -Explosivo25
  • All I can say is that this is the longest Troper page I've ever seen. - Krika
    • Ha ha, thanks! I'm a little scared of making works pages for my projects, so I just place those on my own page. 'Sides, gives me something to do when I'm bored.
  • For modname, I think you'd be best to go with Dragon Riders. NES
    • Thanks! Although technically, it's "mod name and fanfic name".
  • Ello. - Murky Muse
    • Hiya.
  • Swiss cheese? ~Panctice Squad Cutterback
    • No. = cuts you in half with a sword =
  • So, it looks like I finally have a chance to vandalize you. -WolfMan16
    • At long last, another vandal.
  • Huh? You chose my birthday as a cut-off for Vandalisms,.....touching or creepy I don't know. terlwyth
    • Heh heh. Happy birthday, then!
  • Hey. So, I did let a Blarog escape in your page... sorry! - Eldritchseer
    • Well, I never heard of a Blarog, but I've fought off Balrog the toaster several times before.
  • I am back to vandalize you again. -Murky Muse
    • You have succeeded. It is so effective that you are victorious!
  • One not from Boxen. -Wildcard
    • ... mainly because the main folder for vandalism is a bit higher.
  • Vandalized. Weapons utilized: Ultra-Laser Machine Gun... and my cat! - Quag15
    • Shane counters with the Green Sorrow and Frozen Spark Keyblades, and... a Pikachu nicknamed Raichu that can use Ice-type moves somehow.
  • Greetings from Unprettier!
    • Hi there!
  • HUZZAH! —Balrog
    • So, Balrog's apparently based on a bar of soap... weird.
      • Huh, I thought his resemblance is closer to that of a toaster oven... -Earl
    • Well, that's according to Pixel, apparently. Someone interviewed him and asked what Balrog is based on, and apparently, it's a bar of soap. Although most people prefer "toaster" instead, to the point of making mods where characters call Balrog a toaster. Hilarity Ensues, probably. XD
  • Another one from me.-Wildcard
  • I keep vandalizing your page and you can't stop me! :p
    • = stops time = = takes frozen katana = ... Squirrel! ... And pizza. :P
  • Remarkable! Remarkable, remarkable, remarkable!-Palindromee
    • Indeed, indeed, indeed and... indeed.
  • I wanted cupcakes. I was promised cupcakes. But you no have any. Because you hate desserts. Why do you hate kupkaiks?~eternal Noob
    • Because I've almost been thrown to death with those things.
  • Ba-dum tss. -Palindromee
  • S is for Shazam. B is for Bane. N is for N. -resetlocksley
  • I am... Vandalizing. Yeah. Fear me. —Kandikorn22
    • Why would I want to fear you?
  • Me again! You vandalize me, I vandalize you, round and round and back and forth. Shazam! -resetlocksley
  • Again? Come on, Shane Bane! Get out of the way and let me vandalize someone else. Or not. I could just stay here. It's nice enough. -resetlocksley
  • Hi there. Been a while eh? - JR Pictures
    • Yep, sure has been.
  • So Vegeta Challenge nappa to a drinking game. Nappa accepts. the Drinking game is about Dragonball Z and only nappa is taking part in it, trying to beat some high score that doesn't exist. Vegeta explains the rules. at one Nappa Says "DO YOU WANT ME TO SUFFER KIDNEY FAILURE!?!?" and Vegeta pauses for a few seconds and then simply states "Yes." and then nappa screams in agony. i hope you like that! :D - Knucklesthegreat
  • Here's some music. -Landorkus
  • w - Porschelemans
  • When your fury flows free, is it a limit break, an ordinary move, or a desperation attack? - Nooby
    • It's when I'm angry. As in, very angry.
  • It's me, youf friendly neighborhood Locksley. -resetlocksley
  • Random Vandalization Question: Are there specific genres of music you like? -LiorVal
    • Not really, since most music that I like are from video games
  • I have returned! And I now speak english! -starfy64

     Zero's Vandalism 
- A message from S Bane N: This is a folder for Mokona Zero to vandalize. Any other tropers should either vandalize the folder directly above, or make their own. Thank you for reading. -

  • Folder started! -Mokona Zero
  • First one here! Vandalized not once, but twice!- Mokona Zero
  • Yet another chapter in the story begins...
    • You've been struck by a smooth criminal.
      • Criminal, criminal, fear the wrath of a South African teenager, before the sky starts falling, with Shane making a random reply to a vandal.
    • Nothing scares me I've Seen It All.
    • Soon this folder will be the largest one here!
      • Alas, I fear you may be correct... unless I find more tropes that apply to me and add those to the first folder of the entire page thus making said folder larger. And then causing it to explode and turn into a mushroom.
    • There is nothing greater than this folder....nothing!
      • Except that there is something greater than this folder after all: TV Tropes itself. Without TV Tropes, this folder wouldn't exist! ... Just thinking about it is... so sad...
    • TV Tropes wouldn't exist without the folder!
      • Wonder if it would exist if the Internet didn't exist...?
    • Nothing. Is. Greater. Nothing.
      • Not even this folder?
    • Excluding the folder.
      • ... Can't believe that life is beaten by a folder. That is so... epic? Awesome? Weird? Whatever word describes this best?
    • The folder defies all laws...all of them.
    • You can say that again-no, I think I will. It's awesome. It's awesome. It's awesome.
      • +3 I guess. At least it doesn't hurt...
    • The rules alter according to the laws of the folder!
      • Which resulted in you managing to get back in second place from third place.

    SS's Divine Abyss 
- A message from S Bane N: This is a folder for Xiphos Orochi 666 to vandalize. Any other tropers should either vandalize the folder above labelled "Vandalism", or make their own. Thank you for reading. -

    Nine-Tailed Cat's folder 
- A message from S Bane N: This is a folder for Nine-Tailed Cat to vandalize. Any other tropers should either vandalize the folder directly above, or make their own. Thank you for reading. -

    Dhana Ragnarok's Vandalism Base 
- A message from S Bane N: This is a folder for Dhana Ragnarok to vandalize. Any other tropers should either vandalize the folder directly above, or make their own. Thank you for reading. -

  • There was a sociopath here. I swear there was, I have photographic evidence...But I'll publish it next time!~Dhana Ragnarok
  • Wow, that page is long! I could kill you and three other people and hide your bodies in there! ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • Wrong folder, dammit. I lost the photograph there! I'll bring it next time!
      • Heh heh, yeah, it happens that many vandalize the wrong folder. :P - S Bane N
  • I'm not even going to take that literally. :P

Happy Birthday! Have some cake...

  • Thanks... but The Cake Is a Lie... just like most things that I was told in the past...
  • Hellooooooooooooooo, how you doin'? ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • Currently? Normal as usual.
  • Okay. So I'm supposed to put a smile on your face...LEEEEEEETSU TURYYYYYYYYYYY!! ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • Everyone at my forums try to but failed... Putting a smile on my face... is harder than building a wall in one week...
  • I actually have a fear of mirror. Whenever I pass by one, there's that creepy guy staring at me with his 5 o'clock shade and demented smile. Then he freaks out, scream incoherent babblering and run into the nearest piece of furniture. That hurts. ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • At least it's not a wall. I've run into a wall fifty times this year already, just of a fear of mirrors.
  • I should be sleeping right now...I really should be sleeping... BUT SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. I HAVE COFFEE...Except if I drink another one my doctor say my heart will probably explode out of my chest, grow tiny legs and arms and do a musical number on my abdomen on the air of One Last Drink. ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • The last time I slept, I dreamt such horrible dreams that I almost thought I was dead. Then I took that dream and strangled it into oblivion out of randomness.
  • Fate stayed for the night, so you should be able to do whatever you want today. I ain't even sorry for that terrible, terrible pun. ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • ... Meanwhile, Jack Sparrow fell off his throne and turned into a mushroom.
  • Lemme sing you the song of my people. ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • My friends think I should write their planet's national anthem. Oh well, I just sent them an exploding cake.
  • It's time to do what must be done by me, as it is my responsibility to defeat the enemy! ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • = summons two double-edged swords = Bring it. >:)
  • There is no phrase that can bring tears to one's eyes quite like "I'm home." ~Dhana Ragnarok
  • There's alcoholism, and then there's pissing purified ethanol. Hey, at least it's sterile. ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • There's insanity, and then there's insanity. Such is my random counter. :P

    Boxen's Vandalization Station 

    Eternal Noob's Spunkbucket 

  • You fine with this little folder being here? I need someplace to store my bananas. ~ Noob
    • Go right ahead. :)
  • Why do your fan Gym Leaders have crazy broken teams? Hell, some have broken and improbable teams!
    • Because they're insane. Also, the Champion forces them to use those Pokémon. And to wear some sort of uniform unique to their gyms, although very few get away with not doing that.

My Troper page is at S Bane N.


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