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Troper Wall / Random Writer 413

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good enough wall

  • That is a nice wall... Let's break that shit down! ~ BaconZorp
  • We can't tear it down! I haven't gotten to draw random creepy stuff on it yet! ~DrNoPuma

    • Puma is right. LISTEN TO HIM-

  • It is a pleasure to meet a random writer such as yourself. -Crizelda

    • Thank you!

  • Woah, what happened to your wall?! -Seduced By The Light

  • Vandalism because you were born in the same week of the same month of the same year that I was. Hello fellow 18-year-old! -Elisabel
  • A wall is not broken until it can no longer be written upon - Anon
  • I'd offer stones for that wall but...all I have is text on a page :P - Tempest Knight

  • Your wall looks so cool. Could I hire you for some construction work? - TropesForever

  • Of course!

-cue wall collapsing-

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