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Troper Wall / Playing_with_boy

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Valdanize please:

     A Weird Poem 
  • Bridge Their
Hello the best you can is good enough if you try the best thing you ever heard us it's a/

minute up the walls climbing/


climbing the zoo at half past four maybe it's makes his plan the night and touched the sun/

is shining like a bridge over manuscripts of unpublished drivers work to write her eulogy/


eulogy the night moves on just dancing in the campfire light searching for the bus mama mama/

don't end two hearts stand together and i believe in your room watchin good old friends

caught in their sights their eyes

  • Thing, Woman Of

(Bridge over troubled water

Their cages bop when i think

Bridge shelter glory days well alright oo yeah

Their summer clothes pass brothers in memphis)

The world needs miles apart too late maybe we don't question patience but nobody understand

away for wow oh she's gold digger's one thing i know


know it is not heard sleep is supposed to be quite human nature feels so old clock estimate

our stupidity boldly ring ignite will hang our feet


feet you be loved and be loved truth tell ya this generation triumphantly long time we no

woman be happy listen to hammer woe temper tears want to love you baby baby oh darling


darling you're leading me in the path of all is easy to achieve learning should have changed

and i'm an old friendship that will never end prisoner held away from dreaming of me woman

i'm we almost along cry myself why

why is this happening to her if you knew what you think it is all about your eyes you're

family home late watching the people watching cars go my way monochrome tv hefty catalog of

wasted time