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Troper Wall / Ichigo Pocky Chama

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Yes, Ichi finally has a troper wall.

    Get out the spray paint and VANDALISE! 
  • First! - Dopants
    • Here, have a cookie. It's strawberry flavoured. – Ichi
  • Ichiiiiii~! Let the yaoi never, ever die! -Dafty
    • Agreed. The power of catboys and homosexual yanderes will take over the world... oh, and Deidara. – Ichi
  • Congratulations, you're the first person I've vandalised in ages! XD - JR Pictures
    • Haha, thanks! – Ichi
  • Heya! =D You're as cute as many of your cute avatars, and a pretty friendly person too! ~ Ironcommando
  • Ichi-chan! May I please take you home with me? aNinjaWithAIDS
    • Do you have cookies at your place? - Ichi
  • You have the cutest avatars! -Beaver
  • I'm from the Land Down Under too! Can we be friends? - Sabrina Diamond
    • Of course! – Ichi
  • HOLA! Yo soy el queso de muerte! -Miscellaneous Soup
  • Yello there! Just thought I'd stop by for a quick visit! - Hobo
  • 'Sup, fellow fangirl! - nbs4
    • Hello! I just fixed up your markup – make sure to preview your edits on a page before clicking that save button, okay? See you around, Neb-chan! – Ichi
  • Sis, why you no tell me you can has page...oh right because I have bomb to destroy page ~plants bomb in page and runs off laughing ~terl the Visigoth Big Brother
      • Geesh it's just a stink bomb :p ~terl
  • -bites Ichgo and injects demon venom into veins-    T͓̫̟ͅhi͇̝͠s̵̺͖ ̷ẃ̞i̷̗̱l̹̲ͅl҉̰̥ ̨͉m̤̗͕͇͜a͔̬͓͈͘k̡̮̹͖͚͔e̺͖̠ ̗͎͕͇͜m̠o͢r̦̦̦͚̯̼͇e̸̘ ̢̭͓͚ͅͅpo̰͔͕͉̘w͚̭̩̗e̴̥̣̬r͙̖͉͓f̺͎͜u̵̲̳ḻ̢ ̲̙̻̞a̭̪̦͠nd̷̳̝̥̱̼̪̰ ̺͇͔͍̻̱͞mo̧̳̻̺͎̭̫̪r҉͎͎̳ͅe̶̟̫̭̳̜͈ ͟d͇͠e͙̞̝̥͈͎l̰̪̝̞͜i͖̤̣̖̥ͅͅc̫͕̤͕ịóu̸̥̳̺̭̖͕sl̪y͠ ̬̻̖̼e̝̱̼͓͕͍v̴͈͇i͙̼l̝̭̦̫.̖͍̯̝̩̙   
    •    Thank you~   
  • Hi there! :) So... have you heard about this Sam Pepper controversy that has goin' on lately? - I-Block
    • Nah, I haven't.
  • Nope, there is no ninja here. - aNinjaWithAIDS

  • Hiyah! Have a cookie! - PK

  • You have been visited by a dangerous assassin! However, the assassin chooses to spare your life and instead only leaves you a friendly graffiti informing you that your page is cool. -Assassin-sensei

  • Umm... hello. [insert major graffiti] ~ Zerofear 0

  • Ichi! Why you no add me to Best Friends list? - Nega King Kix
  • Hi I came to vandalize your page :D. This is my first ever :D
  • Your place of residence is a Blatant Lie, isn't it? You have Calne Ca as your avatar. — SymeSynth
  • By the way, let's regard each other as friends from now on. - SymeSynth
  • Hello, dear Ichi. I'm not the biting kind; want a hug instead? - Elva
  • Hey Pokey! I see Pokey when I read your name, so I'll just pokey pokey bother bother BYE. -yellowturtle
  • Thank ya kindly for vandalizing me. I shall now repay ya in kind. - Baron Green
  • Ichigo you are truly a most wonderful person! Thank you so much for what you wrote on my wall, it truly made me very happy. Truly I am honoured to even speak with you. Thank you so very much for you kindness! - Laithelryn
  • (comes in with a quill and a bottle of ink) ...what do you mean, that's not how you write something on a wall? -WRS.
  • -Tips fedora- M'lady. Coulda sworn I'd left something here before... -D
  • Where in the fuck am I? Oh well, hi I guess. -Lectro
  •    ~oH, hi. i sEem to hAve stumBled acrOsS tHis... miGht as wEll vaNdaliSe. aLso, hi, iChi-chAn.~   
  • Hey there, my HGS comrade! -Troper No. 9001
  • Time to comment on this troper wall. You’re a really nice person. But you already knew that, right? -Emperor_Ing, Emperor Ing, or just Ing depending on how she’s feeling that day.
  • Gurl you should move this over to your new account like I did -Afterwards

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