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Troper Wall / Cyber Controller

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  • I mark this first vandalism in the name of Isabelle. May you finally unlewd her one day. ~ Bacon Zorp
  • Hiya fellow troper who changed names! -Graf von Tirol
  • Bah, name changes are overrated. I'll be sarysa until I die. — TotallyNotSarysa
  • Behold! I have put a thing on your page! — Ozbourne
  • I taint your page with the longest possible English word: Neoseminonantidisestablishmentarianisticalization - ZeroL (And if you add more prefixes, it won't count as longer because you got the inspiration from me.)
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  • This is not vandalism. - a vandal
  • I AM JUSTICE! This wall has been cleansed.-ZeroL

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