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Feel free to write whatever, this is your personal space with which you may write me whatever you wish.

Also I expect this place to be full by November.

P.S. Special thanks to whoever added these neat little folders. Everything looks so organized now! o:

P.P.S. Put #FreeImp in your gingerbread to protest Imp's ban.

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    Vandalize me. 
  • Came here to say this:
  • OHNO your egg died D: - Xopher001
    • Yeah... I'm gonna keep the link there though, to honor its memory.
  • Ohai ―Sixy
  • Sup man? - bulletmonkey
  • Nice alphabetical arrangement of tropes. I assume you did that on purpose? It must be hard to find one for J or K. Bonsai Forest
    • I totes did it on purpose.
  • Hello, fellow lazy person -Bacon Maniac 5000
  • hello ~glomps~ —Xopher 001
  • It's almost January...still empty here. Knightof NASA
    • omgikr
  • Keep smiling like the chap you are! Ichigo Pocky Chama
  • You identify as spaghetti? OM NOM NOM XD
  • Hola. Yo soy el verde queso pantallones de muerte. (Green cheese pants of death) -Miscellaneous Soup
  • Hai there Bea! Don't have much to say... -0
  • Stupid timezones keeping us apart.... We shall have a proper conversation somedayyyyy.... - That Elusive Friend
  • Greetings, young Brian. —Mobile Leprechaun
  • Good morrow to ye, yon RP colleague! —Inceptiond
  • I haven't written anything here until now. How very strange... -Immortal Faust
  • Heya! =D ~Ironcommando
  • -Snuggles up close- Silently Honest
  • -hands you strawberry cupcake- Electric Nova
  • -Plants teh bomb- FM
    • *kaboom*
  • Hey, Brah! -huggles- -Konkfan7
  • I see that I had a visitor. So I'll respond in kind. -AHI-3000
  • I'm brah-ing it up on your wall, brah, cause you're my brah, Brah! -whizzerd
  • Hey, Brah. Buddies? :) —Too Many Ideas
  • Salutations! I am extremely sorry for posting here uninvited, I do hope you will forgive my transgression! I merely wish to thank you for the magnanimity you have shown me, you truly are a most valiant being! Should I chance upon anyone who would dare to deride you I shall make them recant their words lest they wish to face my sword! May you have a most wondrous day! - Laithelryn
  • Thought I'd return the favor, I'm not as talented an artist as you are, so I think I'll restrain myself to simply putting words. You're also one if the nicest tropers I've run across so far. (I love the world of magic game by the way (: ) Ghost Elm
  • SAPPHIRE!!! - Ruby
    • RUBY!!!!!
  • Vriska was heeeeeeeere! ::::D Hi 8rah! - Oz8ourne
    • You're not Vriska, 8itch, I'm Vriska! >::::O ~Marina
      • Ozzy was Vriska first tho
  • Vandal tag! You're good peeps, and I can share my avvies if you're ever interested, K! - Baron Green
  • HI! -blkwhtrbbt
  • -Blows bubbles on the wall- Aqueous Bunnies
  • I want to know all your secrets. (Though, I won't go to hiring-PI levels or anything, I'm just mildly curious.)
    • who is this
  • Hello, I must be going. -EeveeGirlChey
  • Aishiteru. ;) —SymeSynth
    • Gesundheit.
  • i felt the need to drop by once again. because why the fuck not? -chamber
  • Hey, where's the cookies? -Noli
  • BRAHIAN - Star Bee
    • STARKAT!!!
      • ONII-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Idk what to put here so here have this (Don't worry, it's SFW)~Daydre
  • A wise soldier once said;
    • "You Babylonian Busboy, Macedonian Mechanic, Jerusalem Beer Brewer, Alexandrian Goat Skinner, Swineherd of Upper and Lower Egypt, Armenian Pig, Tatar Goat, Kamenets Hangman, Podolian Thief, Grandson of the Evil Serpent Himself and Buffoon of All the World and the Netherworld, Fool of Our God, Swine's Snout, Mare's Ass, Butcher's Dog, Unbaptized Brow, May the Devil Steam Your Ass! That's How the Cossacks Answer You, You Nasty Glob of Spit!"
  • He also killed a bunch of people. -Stolen_Moment
  • November of what year? -WRS
  • Here! Have some kobold faces! They're in here!  I'm so proud of them! ~Noli
  • stfu Bruh -Wolf Matt Grey
  • Uh... Something something still can't remember bEaTrIcE's powers, I dunno. -Knowless