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Since Troper pages can no longer be edited by people other than the relevant troper, all comments go here.

My main page, if you'd like to return to it, is here.

Say anything you want here

Feo Takahari: I'd say you're the most interesting person who I never find in the right-hand side of the forums. Join us sometime.

Cliché: You have one of the most interesting contributor pages out there, and you elaborate so well about your tastes. I'd love to see you liveblog Deadly Premonition, since your review didn't seem to do it justice with the limited word count and I get the impression there's a lot more you would have wanted to say.


Spell Blade: Your reviews are very informative, and are among the best on the site. Keep it up!

RainbowDust: As a fellow Autistic/Aspie/whatever, all you say makes sense to this troper and all your reviews follow her brain cycle to a T.

SabrinaDiamond: I am in the same boat as you ^^ As a fellow Aspie, I salute you

Aliroz The Confused: I would like to say hi. You seem to be an interesting person.

Aspie: At certain points while I was reading this, I thought was reading the autobiography I haven't written. Maybe it's our autism/asperger's/what-have-you that makes us similar.

AlBundyFan365: The miscellany section you have here is great. I've used a few examples on my own page. Thank you for your help. (8^)

Freezair For A Limited Time: Yo! Wow, your page is so neat and orderly. I commend your organization skills.


Robotnik: You're not me, are you? Great organization and format.

Amused Troper Guy: It sounds like you have a good idea of what you want in a story. That's good. I only hope you can bend your rules once in a while to enjoy other kinds of stuff.

Indigo12ash: Hello, fellow Aspie! Wow, loads and loads of Aspies here. I LOVE IT!!! It annoys me when people claim to have Asperger's on the internet and use it be a jackass. I haven't seen any people like that on TV Tropes. Another reason I love it here at TV Tropes.... Okay, on a totally unrelated note, Google Chrome is making it annoying to edit pages because words like "Aspie", Asperger's", Wiki Words, and "troper" are getting underlined red. Grr. *sigh* Onomatopoeia is getting the underlined-red treatment too. Oh well, I can't win here, can I? Thanks for letting me rant a little. [insert cool smiley]


T448Eight: Your cool, I'm also a bit of an aspie. Come to the forums sometime. By the way, thanks for unknowingly introducing me to Dexter.

Nerd Bird: You know me as "Danniiee". I changed my troper handle. Anyways, thank you for our interesting talks via PM. You are definitely one of the most fascinating people I have ever met online, and I can definitely relate to you. c:

Maths Angelic Version: You have one of the best contributor's pages I've ever seen on this wiki. It looks neat and is interesting to read. Your New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U reviews are well written and informative. By the way, I've poured you tea.

BrokenArrow01: Just wanna say thanks from a fellow Aspie for getting my interest in Pyrates peaked, mang! Have a good un! Oh and uh thanks for my first vandalizing of a wall!

Noah1: I'm going to have to hire you as a consultant once I get into Video Game development!

Bread: hi bonsai! so how's life been for you, bonsai?

Mega Mario Man: I don't know what I wanna say here, but I wanna say something. Nice Super Mario 64 review. B^) Also my first post on a Troper Wall too. *waves to BrokenArrow01*

Absoul Hero: For real, you're probably one of the best reviewers on here, it's nice to see someone that isn't so snarky and mean-spirited. You elaborate so well on your tastes, and it's interesting to see things from your perspective. You're my inspiration for reviews, so please keep making more of them.

Acuddle: Thanks for having made my life so much better ! I'd like to Brassens' tree song but it'd be in French 🤷.


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