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Need a villain who's a greater challenge for the heroes than the one you have? Do you think your current villain would be better as The Dragon than the Big Bad? Well, have we got something for you!

Trope Co.™ are proud to present the latest solution to this problem - Sealed Evil in a Can! We've put the villain you need (or inversely, the hero you need, if you're looking for the inverse - just make sure to specify if you want the inverse when ordering). Adding a bit of this can make a faction that might've otherwise bordered on laughable become very serious!


Available in the following varieties:

  • Badass, if you're not sure if you want them to be evil right away, or want it to be a race between the heroes and villains to see who opens it.
    • Heroic, if you want to have the villains be the one who are trying to stop it's opening.
  • Multi-use, if you need the villains to suddenly have an army of Mooks, but can't have the heroes just sit around while the villains recruit/develop an army of robots.
  • Girl in a Box, for when you want to have a female sealed away, but aren't sure what to do with her at the moment.
  • A Leaky Can can let you have the villain's full power sealed away, but still have them have an impact on the story.
  • Person-shaped, for when you want to give more importance to a seemingly useless character. Also comes in animal variety.
  • Multiple cans, for when you want to have the villains open a can right away, but don't want them to unleash the sealed evil yet.
  • Sealed Good vs Sealed Evil, for when you want the good and bad sealed at the same time, and want releasing one to risk releasing the other.

We at Trope Co.™ are not responsible for improper use of this trope, and wave all liability for any consequences resulting from improper usage.


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