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Trope Co / Hypnotize the Princess

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Queen Elsa may be immune to cold, but—
This picture is being used in a deceiving manner. Her Majesty is simply tired in this picture. Trope Co confirmed that she instead has sparkly eyes when hypnotized.

So you'd like a happily ever after with a beautiful lady, but are as far from a Blue Blood as can be? Well fret naught, for Trope Co.®, in partnership with Ophidian Oil LLC, are proud to offer you your very own Hypnotized Princess!note 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This item is no longer being offered by Trope Co. Furthermore, our partnership with OOL has been terminated. It has come to our attention that the majority of products OOL sells are either defective or not at all what was advertised. In the case of Hypnotized Princesses, it turns out that these women were either not royalty or high nobility, or were not really hypnotized.

Trope Co apologizes for any deception on the part of our customers, and regrets working with a company without proper investigation. If you, or someone you know, has bought a false or defective product from Trope Co, please contact our customer service division immediately.

In the future, look only for these trusted sources when putting your favorite princess under a spell*:

* Due to (unrelated) pending litigation, Trope Co has been advised not to comment on the legality or ethics of hypnotizing a princess against her will.

Disclaimer: Trope Co. is not responsible for any death or dismemberment if the princess you intend on hypnotizing is one of the priestesses of Mothra.


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