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Trivia / Zoomorph Pretty Cure

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  • Development Hell: The two first chapters were published in less than a week from each other, but from there on the chapters take at lest two weeks to be completed. The author have many problems with his personal life and author's block, but luckily, when a chapter finally is published, it's likely to be longer than the previous.
  • What Could Have Been: In the original beta version of the series, Mizuki was Cure Dolphin instead of Cure Mermaid (Changed because Cure Mermaid sounds cooler) and Yuki was Cure Penguin instead of Cure Lizard (Changed because her powers were Ice-based but the author decided to change it), Usagi was a Genki Girl named Kibougane Haruhi which Cure form was named Cure Monkey and Borbobella was going to be a female version of Lanhua.

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