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Trivia / Zero no Kiseki

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  • Fan Nickname: Kouryakuou Lloyd (lit. "Capture King Lloyd") for Lloyd
    • Raniki - Randy
    • Tiosuke - Tio. This one is actually Randy's in-universe nickname for her which fans have adopted.
    • Get Over The Barrier Glitch - Named after the theme of the game of "getting over the barrier" by glitching towards areas players aren't supposed to have access to in Zero.
  • Fan Translation: An in-progress translation of Zero has faced many delays and setbacks (hey wouldn't be a Kiseki game otherwise); an early beta is fairly easy to get a hold of if you know where to look.
  • Name's the Same:
  • No Export for You: XSEED is on the record as saying that they'd like to, but since the PSP was phased out before XSEED finished translating the first trilogy, it was financially unfeasible to even attempt the project in the original release. And since the Vita is reaching the end of its lifespan while the parties interested in porting it were busy translating the Cold Steel tetrology, translating the updated Evolution release is also financially unfeasible. That leaves the PC port, which Falcom subcontracted out to another company that later went under, making finding who owns the license in order to acquire it difficult.
  • The Other Darrin: Due to the death of Tsuyoshi Takeshita, Osamu Ryuutani takes over the roles of Wald and Zeit in Ao Evolution.
    • In Zero Evolution, Abbas was voiced by Yoshinori Ishikawa. In Ao Evolution, he is replaced by Takahiro Fujimoto.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Lloyd, Randy, and Wazy were previously working together in Tales of Hearts.
  • What Could Have Been: Rough drafts of Tio's character show that at one point she was going to have detachable shoulder armor or hairpieces which served as Bits. The version that went to print still looks a bit like it could do this, and notably, there are still moments in the games where Tio removes her shoulderplates, with a dialogue portrait to match.


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