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Trivia / Zatch Bell!

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  • Cut Short: In both versions of the anime, it ended before the official resolution to the plot. In Japanese it ended after 150 episodes, right after the battle with Zeno. The sub cuts out at 104 right before the start of the Faudo Arc. Either way, you have to read the manga in order to get the rest of the story...which its English translation also applies due to being Screwed by the Lawyers only a few volumes before the end.
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  • Fandom Nod: The ending of the manga, which includes a group photo containing nearly every single demon who appeared in the series.
  • No Dub for You: Inverted, as all English home video releases have only the English dubbed version, and include the censorship made for the American TV broadcast. Even when Crunchyroll, which normally only licenses subtitled anime, got it, it was the English dub only.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: A card was decided by a contest.
  • The Other Darrin: Zatch's seiyuu switched in the final ten episodes due to Ikue Otani's maternity leave.
    • In the dub, Kanchome was originally voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, but was later voiced by Jeff Nimoy for the rest of the dub's duration
    • Also Sherry was originally voiced by Saffron Henderson, but she later moved back to Canada as she was barely getting any work in LA and as a result Sherry was voiced by Karen Strassman from episode 85 until 104, the point when the dub was cancelled
      • And no for those who are unaware, Karen Strassman unfortunately doesn't get to display her superb French accent skills here, despite Sherry being French
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  • Relationship Voice Actor: Zatch and Zeno's Japanese voice actors, Ikue Otani and Urara Takano, are respectively Pikachu and Raichu. Given that they're brothers, this was quite the casting call.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The legal fight between Makoto Raiku and Shogakukan resulted in Raiku gaining total control over everything he ever made, this series included. It also rendered all preexisting contracts null and void, effective immediately. That meant Viz was forced to stop publishing the English translation of the manga (one of their best sellers outside the Jump line) just a few volumes from the end.
    • The series has since been republished in Japan by Kodansha (who also publishes Raiku's other lesser known series, Animal Land), but there's no word of it being republished anywhere else.
  • Talking to Himself: The dub was cancelled before the Faudo arc, so this is averted for Zatch and Zeno.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Spellbook.


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