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  • Breakthrough Hit: Miraculous Ladybug.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Anyone who follows Jeremy Zag on Instagram knows how big he's into anime — especially Dragon Ball, given the amount of merchandise he owns of the series. So it's fitting that the studio he outsources many of his shows to is the very same company behind the Dragon Ball anime.
  • Schedule Slip: Due to the handling multiple projects at a time while also having small in-house teams, this has resulted in a number of scheduled works being pushed back another year or indefinitely. As of May 2019, the timeline of animated releases has been removed from Zagtoon's official website, presumably because of the frequency of this trope.
  • What Could Have Been: Oh boy. You might wanna sit down for this.
    • When Miraculous Ladybug was first pitched to ZAG, it was envisioned as a serious, 2D-animated Animesque, action show targeted to adult audiences. While the pitch pilot was made, the show was eventually retooled into a CG-animated children's show in order to gain traction from networks.note 
    • Jeremy revealed at a 2017 panel that he was to co-direct a live action adaptation of Miraculous with Chris Columbus for Lionsgate with Thomas Astruc writing the screenplay. The film was slated for a 2019 release before it was pushed back to 2020, after which it was silently cancelled. It would be replaced by the Ladybug And Cat Noir Awakening animated film.
    • Various scrapped projects or projects that we've gotten complete radio silence include:
      • Abominable: A ZAG Adventure animated movie about a struggling cryptozoologist named John Marx and his young daughter Shannon Marx searching for and befriending the Abominable Snowman. Not to be mistaken for the Dreamworks Animation film of the same name and similar concept. First announced on the official website, unlisted after the website's update in 2016. It was slated for a release in 2020.
      • Choco: A ZAG Adventure brand with nothing known about it, first announced on the official website in 2010 and nothing else since.

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