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  • The Swedish dub uses the script of 4Kids, but with the original Japanese names. This led to Jonouchi/Joey getting the In-Series Nickname of "Jono" to fit the Mouth Flaps.
  • In the Viz translation of both the Duelist Kingdom and Yu-Gi-Oh R manga, Bandit Keith calls Jonouchi "Joey".
  • For the Card game Trivia, see Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game.

  • The Abridged Series: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series is the Trope Maker.
  • Acting for Two: David Wills voices both Gozaburo Kaiba and the nameless Rare Hunter in the English dub. Coincidentally, both characters use an Exodia deck (though different versions) and both suffer from the weakness of thinking that having Exodia (or Exodia Necross in Gozaburo's case) is all they need to win.
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  • Adaptation First: The dubbed anime came out in the west before the manga did, so it's more well-known than the English manga for the most part.
  • Bad Export for You: The European releases of the first few Booster Packs were missing several cards. Fortunately, these were restored in later releases.
    • The Duelist Pack sets Jaden Yuki 3 and Jesse Anderson contained five less cards in their TCG releases.
    • Many of the more recent Structure Decks are like this, either being edited to remove high-rarity cards, or in two cases scrapping the deck altogether and importing the new cards in them as add-ons to normal sets.
    • The TCG missed out on the chance to get Dark Magician Girl as drawn by Kazuki Takahashi in the 10th anniversary pack. Justified, however, because Takahashi refused to bow to Executive Meddling to have Dark Magician Girl censored.
    • The localized version of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival was severely watered down from its Japanese version. 28 playable characters, a database mode, duel profiles, ending pictures, device mode, and selectable music were removed, seemingly for no reason.
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    • When the anime aired on ITV in the UK, a large number of episodes would be skipped over, leaving incredibly glaring plotholes. One of the worst examples was in 2005, when there was a jump from midway between the Virtual World arc all the way to the final episode of Season 3 (30 episodes skipped!). Made worse by the fact that ITV was the only freeview channel to show the series in the UK at the time.
      • In addition, the finale of Yugi vs Pegasus, arguably most important episode of Season 1, had major sound problems when it aired on ITV in 2004, although the channel did issue an apology the following week.
  • Bonus Material:
    • In the early manga volumes, Kazuki Takahashi would have a small paragraph explaining either how he got started on the story itself (he wanted a shounen hero who never hits anyone, hence games), how a certain character was conceived (Kaiba started from him overhearing about an arrogant card player and Marik from a fear of having a cellphone, which meant his publishers would annoy him in his free time), or random observations as the story progressed.
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    • For at least the first two dozen volumes up until the Battle City arc, Kazuki Takahashi would occasionally include bonus games he made himself for the readers to try out, usually requiring readers to photocopy the pages for use.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: In the Japanese version, both Yugis were voiced by Shunsuke Kazama, an Idol Singer trainee in Johnnys Entertainment who has achieved some commercial success in dramas.
  • The Character Ice Cream Bar: Popsicle released a blue raspberry and cherry flavoured ice of Yugi's Millennium Puzzle. It was discontinued some time ago.
  • Creator's Favorite: Kazuki Takahashi has claimed that Katsuya Jounouchi is one of his favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! characters.
  • Creator Killer: Ironically, the franchise ended up being one for 4Kids Entertainment because of the legal troubles.
  • Crossdressing Voices: In the Japanese version, Bakura was voiced at first by You Inoue then by Rica Matsumoto.
    • Humorously, in Toei's anime version, Yugi and Dark Yugi were voiced by Megumi Ogata while both Ryou Bakura and Dark Bakura was voiced by a man until it was reversed.
    • In the original Japanese version, Dartz was voiced by a woman, Yū Emao. Averted in the 4Kids English dub, which Dartz was voiced by Wayne Grayson.
  • Defictionalization:
    • The card game was originally just intended to be the topic of a single plot arc with no real world equivalent, and originally, the card game didn't even have any real rules. Now it is the highest-selling trading card game in the world.
    • Masked HEROs and Vision HEROs, formerly manga-only cards, have finally started appearing as alternative support cards to Elemental HEROs.
    • Also applies to a few other Yu-Gi-Oh! games from the manga, particularly Dungeon Dice Monsters and Capsule Monster Chess. Unfortunately, they failed to be as popular as the OCG and eventually died on the wayside, quietly. Although they were turned into video games which did decently.
    • Many cards were created specifically for the manga or anime. The Seal of Orichalcos and Kuribandit, for example, both were made for the DOMA arc of the anime. Both eventually saw official release. The explicit purpose of the Dragons of Legend series of booster packs is to give an OCG/TCG release to cards from the anime that appeared over the years but were never printed as real cards until then.
    • Many of the game's preconstructed decks are based on decks used by the main characters in the anime series- some more faithfully than others.
    • Fans have defictionalized the series's use of AR using HoloLens.
  • Development Gag: As revealed by Kazuki Takahashi in the opening of one of the later volumes, back during the development stages, Dark Yugi was originally going to have the skull-faced appearance Kozuka ultimately received.
  • Executive Meddling: Kazuki Takahashi's editor told him to hurry it up during the Millennium World arc because of the declining reader interest due to the long Battle City arc. A lot of plot threads that were originally intended to be expanded upon didn't see the light of day, such as Seto waging war against the Pharaoh and Akhenaden as revenge for Kisara's death.
  • Fake Brit: Bakura has a British accent in the dub.
  • Fan Nickname: Japanese fans often called Yugi "AIBO" and the other Yugi "King" (Ou-sama).
    • The protagonists of the series, due to their Memetic Hair, generally get nicknames based on their hairstyles
      • Yugi's is the "starfish".
      • Jaden's is a Kuriboh, this one has been particularly popularized by the Abridged Series. Also often called as a "jellyfish".
      • Yusei gained the nickname of "crabhead".
      • Yuma's is the most difficult to describe, but is commonly described as either a "shrimp" or a "lionfish."
      • Yuya has been unanimously described as a tomato, which has carried over to his Identical Strangers.
      • Yusaku's seems to be based on a swordfish.
  • God Never Said That: A persistent rumor about the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga said that Yugi has diabetes, allegedly from Word of God at an American convention. Not only did Kazuki Takahashi not go to any American conventions, a line implying Yugi did have diabetes was added by a Viz translator for no apparent reason and didn't exist at all in the original version.
  • He Also Did: Episode 15 of the anime's storyboard artist, Gorō Taniguchi, would also go on to direct anime for other animation studios, including Sunrise anime like s-CRY-ed and Code Geass.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Because of legal issues surrounding Shunsuke Kazama's (the voice actor of Yugi/Dark Yugi) contract note , it's impossible outside Japan to find any official release of the anime other than the edited dub version. 4Kids released three unedited DVDs of the show, and later put subtitled episodes directly on YouTube, but both of these releases were cancelled, leaving people who don't want to endure 4Kids' edits, voice cast, and script rewrites out of luck if they want to be legitimate customers. As of 2015 this is gradually being averted, as the original version is being released on a monthly schedule on the streaming site Crunchyroll.
    • LittleKuriboh has noted that he doesn't abridge "Season 0" because good quality, unsubtitled episodes, are nearly impossible to find, but of course they have to exist somewhere out there because new fansubs of it keep popping up.
    • In the Card Game, there are some cards that just can't be bought normally, first hand as in the way they were meant to be; the most famous example is the first edition of the 3 Egyptian God Cards: foiled, shiny and Colour-Coded for Your Convenience, these were packed with the Game Boy Advance game Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction; people went crazy for this game just to get the cards, a great deal of the copies sold for this game was due fans wanting the cards, eventually retailers came to know that some people just bought the game for these cards, so they would gladly put a reminder for used copies Does Not Contain The Limited Edition Cards!, people on eBay followed suit as gullible fans also thought that buying a $20 copy of the game would grant them shiny and exclusive cards that were sold for about $100 separately.
    • For the original U.S. television broadcast, episodes 4-5 and 14-15 were both cut down to one episode each, with each episode cutting time by splicing footage into a music video with a song from the "Music to Duel By" soundtrack. All home releases of the episodes have had them at their natural 2-episode length, and all modern repeats of the episodes also have them as 2-parters. As a result, these two special edited "music video" episodes have begun to be hard to locate for anyone who didn't record them when they initially aired, and the Panik episode's song was never released on CD.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories was released before the English dub of the anime reached Battle City and before the manga was localized, and thus for English players, this would be their first exposure to Marik and the Rare Hunters.
  • Meme Acknowledgement:
    • Wayne Grayson, voice of Joey in the dub, has said "Brooklyn Rage!!" several times at a 2008 convention. He referred to it as "his favorite line" even though:
    "It's not even a line my character says, but I've been saying it all weekend".
  • Name's the Same:
    • Anime/manga-wise:
      • The name Paradox has been used at least three times; the Labyrinth brothers Para and Dox, the Grandpa lookalike in the early video games, and the antagonist of the Bonds Beyond Time movie.
      • The name Leo has been used three times; once by the major character in the 5D's dub, once by a minor character in the Japanese version of 5D's, and by Leo Akaba from ARC-V in both versions.
      • Ray/Rei has also been used three times; Rei Saotome in Japanese GX, Vector's alias in ZEXAL, and Ray/Rei Akaba in ARC-V.
      • The GX and ZEXAL dubs both have characters named Reginald.
      • Ruka/Luna in 5D's and Luna in the ZEXAL manga.
      • Ryo Bakura in DM and Ryo Marufuji in GX.
      • Masumi Monomo in R and Masumi Kotsu/Julia Krystal in ARC-V.
      • Nico in 5D's (a young girl) and Nico Smiley in ARC-V (a male commentator).
    • Card Game-wise:
      • Hierophant from the "Prophecy" archetype has the same Japanese name as "Hanion, the Time Lord".
      • Removing a material from Number 11: Big Eye doesn't let you arrange the top 5 cards of your deck.
      • Fire King Avatar Yaksha is the second card that is a reference to Yaksha; the first is "Yaksha". Interestingly, these two cards have the opposite Attribute ("Fire King Beast Yaksha" is FIRE; "Yaksha" is WATER).
      • "Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer"'s name is similar to "Gear Changer". Also, both cards' are gears with effect that involves changing Levels.
      • Hieratic Dragon of Nebtet comes from the Egyptian God, Nephthys; that name is shared with "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" and its variants.
      • Ryko is spelled that way to avoid any association with Raikou, a legendary Pokémon.
    • Coincidentally, 2002 saw the release of another Noah in cyberspace...
  • No Export for You: The Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters series has never been aired in Finland but the Pyramid of Light movie and the spin-off Yu-Gi-Oh! GX were aired on Finnish TV, the latter being even dubbed in Finnish.
    • For many years, some of the earlier cards released in the OCG would take years before they finally appeared in the TCG.
    • The Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon was released as a promo for the movie in 2004. The card required to Summon it, the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, wasn't released until over a year-and-a-half later. Though both were available in Japanese, OCG cards are not allowed when playing the TCG.
    • Recent TCG sets have included more cards than the corresponding OCG set- some of these are cards that were previously OCG only, while others are cards that are exclusive to the TCG. In turn, TCG only cards have recently begun to be released in the OCG through the Extra Pack sets. Eventually the two card pools may become equal...
    • Sometimes this applies to the video games as well. Tag Force 6, hotly anticipated by some as the first video game to feature Xyz cards, was not released outside of Japan.
  • Official Cosplay Gear:
    • During the Duelist Kingdom arc, and for years after, party and costume stores had foam Millennium Puzzles and star chip gloves as costume accessories.
    • Duel Disk props were released as merchandise for the first anime series. The 5Ds version was only released in Japan and goes for a hefty sum on the second hand market now.
  • Overtook the Manga: The Virtual World, Doma, and KC Grand Prix arcs were made because of this trope; the anime overtook the manga and had to create original content while they waited to catch up.
  • Playing Against Type: Rica Matsumoto did double time by doing Ryo Bakura and Dark Bakura when she normally plays outgoing characters like Satoshi from Pokemon.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Recycled Script: The basic plot of the Doma Arc (evil cult leader brainwashes duelists with the darkness in their heart) gets reused for Season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the Dark Signers arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL II. All of these were written by Shin Yoshida.
  • Shrug of God: Takahashi was asked in an interview if Yugi and Anzu got together post-series. He answered that maybe they get married when Anzu returns from America. The Dark Side of Dimensions, despite being continuity from the manga, also leaves things ambiguous on that front.
  • Talking to Himself: Yugi and Dark Yugi are usually voiced by the same actors. Averted in the European Spanish, German, and Tagalog dubs.
    • Same with Ryo Bakura and Dark Bakura.
    • Big example with Marc Thompson, who plays Alister and Rafael (who are best buds and almost always seen together) as well as Duke (who duels Alister).
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Tristan's original voice (the one that gives him super-strength) was Sam Riegel. He was then replaced by Greg Abbey (credited as Frank Frankson) for the rest of the series.
    • Mai Valentine: Megan Hollingshead —> Erica Schroeder (credited as Bella Hudson). (because Hollinghead moved to L.A. to do voice work there) Later she was recast yet again to Kathleen Delaney (credited as Caren Manuel) for the short-lived uncut DVDs.
    • Mokuba Kaiba: Tara Jayne —> Carrie Keranen (credited as Caroline Lawson). (because the former quit all of her voiceover jobs in New York to also do voice work in L.A.) Keranen later voiced Mokuba in the short-lived uncut DVDs.
    • You Inoue was Bakura's Japanese voice actress before she died of lung cancer in 2003. She was then replaced by Rica Matsumoto.
  • What Could Have Been There were plans to localize the Ultimate Card Battle 3DS game. However, there was never any followup on this, even long after the planned release date came and went.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki (which also forked into Yugipedia).
  • Word of God:
    • Until 2008, card rulings were given by both Konami and UDE, and they didn't always agree with each other. Many cards actually have different rulings for the TCG and OCG versions of the game because of this.
    • The Xyz Monsters are made up of Antimatter.
    • The Arcana Force monsters were based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft.


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