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  • Acting for Two: Thad and Chad are played by the same actor.
  • California Doubling: Thoroughly averted; the series is both set and filmed in New York City.
  • Channel Hop: From TV Land to Paramount Network, starting with season six.
  • Playing Against Type: This is the first full TV series to feature Hilary Duff in a regular role since Lizzie McGuire ended its run in 2004, and her role as the free-spirited Kelsey is, appropriately enough, a considerably more adult and kid-unfriendly role than Lizzie (or much of her roles at least up until War, Inc.).
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  • Playing Gertrude: Notably averted. You would almost expect a younger actress playing the part of a 40 years old woman who can pass as a twenty-something, but no, Sutton Foster is the same age as Liza.

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