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Trivia / Young Sherlock Holmes

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  • Accent Depundent: The Sdrawkcab Name clue of "Eh tar" being backwards for "Rathe" is a lot harder to spot if you speak a rhotic accent than a non-rhotic one, since with the former you're unlikely to recognize the implied "r" at the end of "Eh tar" in pronunciation (pronounced "etah" in the movie) in the first place.
  • Box Office Bomb: The North American gross barely covered its $18 million production budget, and as Paramount's big Christmas release for 1985, it had a substantial marketing outlay to make up too.
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  • Completely Different Title: Known as either Le Secret de la pyramide ("The Secret of the Pyramid") or La Première Aventure de Sherlock Holmes ("The First Adventure of Sherlock Holmes") in French (the latter being the Quebecois title).
  • Dawson Casting: Nicholas Rowe, who plays Sherlock Holmes, is several years older than most of the other actors playing students. This was probably intentional to give Holmes his necessary height and appearance of superior intellect.
  • Follow the Leader: From two different ends.
    • What does Harry Potter have to do with Young Sherlock Holmes? A lot, actually!
    • From the other end, Young Sherlock Holmes takes a lot of cues from the Indiana Jones films — so much so that the UK release was called Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear. Critics weren't entirely surprised, given that Steven Spielberg was the executive producer!
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    • From the MAD spoof "Young Sureschlock Homely":
    Indiana Jones: Hmm, this scene seems familiar, but not the dialogue! Am I in the right movie, Mr. Spielberg?
    Steven Spielberg: Go back a few pages, Indy - Fool Of The Nile needs you more than Sureschlock!
  • Stillborn Franchise: This was intended to launch a franchise that revolved around the younger versions of Sherlock Holmes and Watson; it even has a Sequel Hook and The Stinger to set it up decades before they were the norm for such films! However, it was a major box office and critical disappointment, thus ending any chances for another mystery, though a remake has been floated.


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