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  • Creator Backlash: As the years have gone by, more reports of this have come out from creators:
    • Emma Blackery posted a video after the 2017 Rewind, detailing the past two years of her experiences with the Rewinds and why she would say no if asked for 2018. For 2017, she ended up having to spend an entire day shooting for the video, being covered in slime and having her hair damaged from the slime for 2 weeks, culminating in a shot so short that it qualified as a literal Freeze-Frame Bonus. She was understandably upset at this.
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    • Lachlan, a Fortnite gamer, was notably promised a "special role" in the 2018 Rewind by YouTube. He ended up filming for 8-10 hours only for his two lines to get cut and his face getting blurred out in his one scene. He would lament this on his twitter.
    • Luisito Comunica, one of the few Latin American YouTubersnote  in the 2018 Rewind, also posted a video reacting to said Rewind. Like with Emma Blackery and Lachlan, he spent an entire day shooting for the video only to appear in a couple of shots. While seemingly more understading of his role getting cut than the others mentioned, through the video it's clear that he's just as puzzled by certain decisions in the video as many people who reacted negatively to it were, at one point openly wondering why Liza Koshy is so prominently featured in the video despite the fact that her channel was inactive for most of the year.
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    • Two months after Rewind 2018 was posted, Susan Wojcicki issued a statement outright admitting that the video didn't accurately show the year's key moments, nor did it show YouTube's culture accurately. She went on to say that even her own kids found it cringey and promised that they would do better for 2019.
  • Doing It for the Art: The Rewinds are not monetized on the site, despite the amount of money going into their production.
  • I Knew It!: Since the Rewinds are about looking back at all the popular trends and creators for the year, there are some creators/trends that the community can see coming from a mile away:
    • After Five Nights at Freddy's became a surprise indie hit and didn't show up for Rewind 2014, many predicted it would be represented in Rewind 2015.
    • After Frozen (2013) became a massive hit for Disney, many expected it would show up in Rewind 2014, with some outright calling that "Let It Go" would be played or shown in some capacity.
    • The Paul brothers (Jake and Logan) were expected to show up for Rewind 2017 after their massive rise in popularity following their migration to YouTube after the shutdown of Vine in 2017.
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    • Fortnite was unanimously expected to play a big part in Rewind 2018 before 2018 had even begun, to the ire of many, due to the Battle Royale mode becoming a massive part of the gaming community and the game becoming a huge cultural phenomenon. To a slightly lesser extent, Ninja was expected to show up too, despite hailing from Twitch at the time, since he was the biggest Fortnite streamer and arguably the face of Fortnite.
  • Old Shame:
    • If YouTube's social media accounts and Susan Wojcicki's statement in early 2019 is any indicator, YouTube is not proud of Rewind 2018 and how it became the site's most disliked video in under a week. This would be reinforced in the opening of Rewind 2019.
    • If Vanessa and Veronica's reaction is to go by with their reactions to Rewind 2018 in FBE as they show their part in that video;
      Both: NOOOOO.
  • Undermined by Reality: Perhaps the biggest reason Rewind 2018 became infamous was because it was themed around creators having the choice of how the Rewind should be, giving people what they wanted, and having the tagline "Everyone Controls Rewind". To say this came at the worst time would be an understatement as at this point, YouTube itself was knee-deep in The Adpocalypse, giving many creators no choice but to change their entire brand of content in order to abide by the site's stricter rules. That the video didn't include the trends and creators the vast majority of people wanted despite promoting it as such, opting to use the more advertiser-friendly ones instead, only added to the sentiment of YouTube trying to push a false image of what the site was for the sake of pleasing advertisers.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There have been many instances where creators are invited to participate in the rewinds, only to decline for a variety of reasons. Notable examples include Nigahiga (2015), Jacksepticeye (2017), and Matthias (2017).
    • According to a now-deleted comment by Game Theory, there was supposed to be a reference to the "JOHN CENA" meme at the end of Youtube Rewind 2015, yet the producers didn't have time to film it.
    • Carrie Hope Fletcher was instructed to act like an "American high school head of the cheerleaders" during her close up in Rewind 2014, but said close up was cut from the final video.
    • Rewind 2016 had a whole segment filmed where Spanish speaking YouTubers (such as Sebastian Villalobos, YosStop and enchufetv) dance to "My Boo" by Ghost Town DJ's at a market (the same one that Yuya wanders through near the start of the video), but the entire scene was cut, aside from a reference to it shown as the Rewind ends. However, the same YouTubers in this segment, also appear during the segment which references the video for "Sorry" by Justin Bieber and "My Boo" is still used, but in a different scene, with different YouTubers.
    • Lachlan, a Fortnite gamer, was going to have a larger role in the 2018 Rewind. However, most of his content ended up getting cut from the final product.
    • Marques Brownlee has stated that the Fortnite Bus scene of Rewind 2018 originally had a longer introduction, and would have focused on the YouTubers realising where they are and that they have been magically placed there. The actual Rewind simply shows them appearing on the bus, and then jumping after Ninja is introduced.
  • Writer Revolt: Jaiden Animations' segment in the 2018 Rewind snuck in PewDiePie's chair and references to other memes because she (correctly) suspected that they wouldn't be included elsewhere in the video.

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