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Trivia / Xavier Woods

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  • Promoted Fanboy: Noted to be a supporter of the Fighting Game Community, despite not being very good at them by his own admission. He was invited to CEO 2016, one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in America, and took part in the exhibition match of Street Fighter V against fellow wrestler Kenny Omega. A rematch took place the following CEO in Tekken 7, where Woods emerged triumphant instead. They later did a rubber match at the Capcom booth in the E3 2018 which consisted of the entirety of The New Day against Omega and The Young Bucks which the former won, followed by a first to 5 set solely contested between Woods and Omega, who took the whole thing. Not to mention, when Capcom released the SFV trailer for Cody that featured Kenny Omega as the aforementioned character, the voice on the phone talking to him is Xavier. As a regular visitor of EVO since 2017, he has helped support the Windjammers side tournaments, and even introduced Street Fighter director Yoshinori Ono before SFV had its Top 8 in 2019.
    • He was made into a playable character in Super Bomberman R, even providing the voice of his character.


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