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  • Anime First: Never even had a real manga adaptation.
  • Colbert Bump: Its appearance in the extremely popular Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, and later Super Robot Wars Z, significantly boosted its profile and popularity on both sides of the Pacific.
  • No Export for You: This article brought to you by the Aeon Genesis Fan Translation of Alpha Gaiden and the efforts of several fansub groups.
    • Many people have actually found this rather surprising in retrospect, as one would think that the Old West-inspired setting and characters would've made this a shoo-in for export in the 80s. For whatever reason, though, the show never made the jump across the pond.
      • It seems likely that it was ultimately done in by all the actual projectile weaponry the heroes use on a human scale. Even with a show as ultimately lighthearted as this, that's still a big no-no for "kids" shows even today, and in the 80s would've been a death sentence.
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    • Finally averted as of August 2017 with HIDIVE adding the show to their lineup, with new episodes being released every Tuesday.
    • Further averted in 2018 with Maiden Japan licensing the show for a DVD release worldwide.
  • What Could Have Been: Before Tomino joined up as director, the Iron Gear and Xabungle were supposed to have been the Cool Ship and Combining Mecha of a serious, outer space show called "Exploiter" (which helps to explain why they look so out of place on Zora, mechanically). Amazingly, the character designs apparently weren't changed much from that period and the finished show.

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