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  • Fan Nickname: Not surprisingly, popular lists and builds tend to be given nicknames, with some being more creative than others.
    • Arc Dodging: Focusing on avoiding damage by getting out of enemies' firing arcs as quickly as possible.
    • Bossk's Party Bus: Bossk piloting the YV-666 (one of the largest Large ships, and boxy like a bus) with Dengar, Zuckuss and 4-LOM as crew. A YV-666 with a generic pilot is still a Party Bus if full of bounty hunters.
    • Brobots: Any combination of two (or more, in an Epic or other greater than 100 point game) IG-88 variants using the IG-2000 title to share pilot abilities. Because they're robots who are "brothers".
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    • Dengaroo: Dengar and Manaroo piloting JumpMasters, with Dengar loaded out as the attacker and Manaroo hanging back in support, using her ability to pass all of her focus, target lock and evade tokens to Dengar. A Portmanteau Couple Name is used because they were married in Tales of the Bounty Hunters.
    • Fat Han: Han Solo with all the best upgrades available for every slot and supported by a T-70 X-Wing. Han is made "Fat" by eating up the great bulk of the 100 points available to a standard squad. Often paired with a single Ace, most prominently Wedge Antilles or Poe Dameron.
    • Guidance Chimps: Guidance Chips. Apparently originated with a typo that everybody found funny. Often shortened to just Chimps.
    • Jousting: Flying straight at the enemy without regard to their firing arc, in hopes of killing them quickly so they can't take advantage. The opposite of arc dodging.
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    • Palp Aces: Palpatine riding a Lambda Shuttle, Soontir Fel in a fully upgraded TIE Interceptor and Darth Vader in an upgraded TIE Advanced with the /x1 title. Other pilots can be substituted in like The Inquisitor in the TIE Advanced Prototype, Carnor Jax in the TIE Interceptor, Whisper in the TIE Phantom and Omega Leader in the TIE/fo. But Soontir is almost always included, and both fighter pilots need to be high Pilot Skill (hence "Aces") and loaded with upgrades that help them arc dodge. One of the dominant lists in the current meta.
      • Doomshuttle is a variant where the Lambda takes a more active role, substituting Crew! Vader and a Gunner in for Palpatine: Each time the Lambda attacks, Vader can cause it to suffer 2 damage to deal 1 Critical damage to the defender; this combines with the Gunner's extra attack, meaning the Lambda is all-but guaranteed to cause 2 damage a turn. This means that Vader can't be used in the Advanced/x1, so Soontir Fel is usually paired with another Ace like Omega Leader or a Tie Defender.
      • Palpimator: Another, much rarer, variant where Palpatine is placed on a Decimator along with another Crew (often Ysanne Isard). Usually paired with a single Ace, often Vader. Somewhat of an Empire counterpart to the Fat Han build.
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    • Pancake: Any Large ship with whose primary weapon is a turret. Especially the YT-1300 and YT-2400, the original "pancakes", because of their flat saucer-like main hulls.
    • Stressbot: R3-A2, a droid that assigns stress tokens to both its own pilot and whoever in their firing arc they declare an attack against.
    • U-boat: The JumpMaster 3000, because of its U-shaped hull.
    • Thug Life: Four Syndicate Thug Y-Wings equipped with Twin Laser Turrets and Unhinged Astromechs.
  • The Wiki Rule: The X-Wing Miniatures Wiki.

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