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Trivia / Wulin Warriors

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  • Creator's Apathy: From day one, the Toonami block's crew were quite vocal to the network about their distain for the show, and used the poor reviews of the first two episodes as an excuse to cancel the series early in order to be quickly rid of it.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: It was only aired twice on Toonami before being pulled due to bad ratings, and AOL's Kids Online channel, where the whole series was put, was eventually shut down, with any sort of rerelease being unlikely, making the series difficult to come by.
  • Old Shame: The crew behind Toonami consider airing this show to be one of their biggest mistakes in the history of the block. It doesn't help that it was one of several instances of the higher ups at Cartoon Network forcing them to air something they didn't want to.
  • Short Run in Peru: The show was only two episodes in when it was pulled from American TV due to poor ratings, with the 12 unaired episodes being dumped on AOL's Kids Online channel shortly afterwards.