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  • Actor Allusion: In episode 3, one of Carli's exes (John Schneider, but that's not the allusion) shows up with a new rich girlfriend, played guessed it!...Reba McEntire. The ep puts the two actresses in the opposite roles as their characters on Reba.
    • Back in the first episode, Carli (played by the rather tall Melissa Peterman) mentions that growing up, she acquired the nickname "Blondzilla," a nickname Barbara Jean also had on Reba.
  • Dawson Casting: Lachlan Buchanan, who plays Scott, Carli's oldest, was 20 at the time of filming. Courtney Merritt, who plays Pam, Carli's middle child, was 21.
  • Fake American: Lachlan Buchanan again...he's an Aussie.
  • High-School Dance: "The Dance". Lifted to embarrassing highs as Carli is chaperoning.

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