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  • Name's the Same: The show shares its name with a rather popular app.
  • No Export for You: Not the show proper, which is available on Netflix worldwide, but the toys, which is licensed out to this company called Snaptoys, who blatantly announced on Facebook that the toys will be US-only. They only made a small amount of them and sold them through a seller on Amazon Marketplace who refuses to ship overseas. And then they posted pictures of people playing with their toys, further insulting people who cannot get their hands on the plushes just because they're not in the US...
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  • Same Language Dub: The show, as of Season 3, has a UK dub. However, like Chip and Potato and other Netflix originals aimed at preschoolers, it defaults to the US version (even if you're watching it in the UK) and the only way to access it is to change the language to 'British English'.


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