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  • Completely Different Title:
    • Interestingly, the czech title of the series is Woodwalker.
    • The russian version of the series is called Дети Леса (Deti Lesa) which means Children of the Forrest
    • The lituanian title of the series is Miškų bastūnai, which means Forrest Bastions.
    • The subtitle of the dutch versions of the first and the third books are De metamorfose note  and Het geheimnote . Interestinly, the other subtitles are faithful translations of the original subtitles.
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  • LGBT Fanbase: The series has a gay coupe ( Shawod and Frankie) so it's no surprise that the series has LGBT-fans.
  • No Export for You: Although there are many translations of the seriesnote , there is no english one.
  • What Could Have Been: According to the website of Katja Brandis, it was planned that the series should've only been three books long but after the first books sold surprisingly well the german publisher allowed her to end the series after the sixth book.
  • The Wiki Rule: The series has a wiki in german and in russian. The german one also covers the Seawalkers-series.
  • Word of God: Katja Brandis loves this trope. On her website and in e-mails she has revealed many things that weren't mentioned in the books. For example:
    • Lissa Clearwater shares her last name with her father who named his family after a city he lived in.
      • She also had a relationship with a man named William Conder who worked as an architect. William is also the father of Jack Clearwater.
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    • Arula is around 19 years old in the series.
    • Brandon's birthday is on November 9th and he is around 13-15 years old in the series.
    • Holly is 13 years old in the series and was born on september 26th.
    • In first drafts of the series Bo was supposed to be called Barnum.
    • Carag was supposed to end up with Lou Ellwood but Katja Brandis later changed her mind after a reader told her that they thought that Tikaani Blue Cloud was a more interesting character and that she'll be a better girlfriend for him.
      • The favourite color of Carag is green, his favourite animal is the artic wolf and his favourite number is 3.
    • Tikaani is 13 years old, was born in juli and comes from Baker Lake in Canada.
      • Her father is also the leader of her Inuit tribe.
    • Lou is actually called Lupine but she prefers to be called Lou because she doesn't like her first name.
      • She also shares a room with Cookie.
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    • Cookie is actually called Rosie but like Lou she didn't like her first name and prefers to be called by her nickname because she likes to eat cookies.

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