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Trivia / Wolverine and the X-Men

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  • Actor Allusion: Hmmm, Tamara Bernier voices a shape-shifting villainess who's secretly in love with the show's male protagonist. Or at least the man he used to be.
  • Fake Brit: Subverted. Kari Wahlgren, an American, uses a British accent when voicing Emma Frost. Then again, canonically in the comics, Emma herself is this In-Universe, as she's a Boston native faking an English accent.
  • Fan Nickname: Since Wolverine is sometimes known as Sniktbub, this show is sometimes called Sniktbub and Bubs.
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  • Playing Against Type: Mark Hildreth, who usually plays heroes, as Quicksilver.
  • Recursive Adaptation: The Ultimate Marvel, the X-Men Film Series, and X-Men: Evolution versions of many characters seem to have more influence on their portrayal here than the mainstream Marvel Universe characterizations.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Role Reprisal:
    • In addition to Steve Blum as the titular Wolverine and Fred Tatasciore as the Hulk, Blum's X-Men Legends co-star Peter Lurie reprises his role as Sabretooth and Keone Young reprises his X-Men: The Official Game role as Silver Samurai.
    • In the French dub, Cyclops, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Jean Grey, Gambit, and Sabretooth are voiced by Philippe Allard, Alexandra Correa, Aurélien Ringelheim, Géraldine Frippiat, Laetitia Reva, Mathieu Moreau, and Robert Guilmard respectively, all of them reprising their roles from X-Men: Evolution. Averted in the case of Wolverine, Professor Xavier, Storm, and Angel. While their XME voice actors (Robert Dubois, Jean-Marc Delhausse, Francine Laffineuse, and Bruno Bulte respectively) were part of the French dub for this show, they didn’t reprise their roles here and were instead given different characters (Quicksilver, Senator Kelly, Spiral, and Mister Sinister, again respectively).
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  • Screwed by the Network: A common complaint from fans over cancellation, though Joe Quesada, Arune Singh, and Josh Fine have stated it was simply a financing matter. One of the other companies reportedly folded and no substitute could be found.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • This series was originally conceived as a solo Wolverine show.
    • It had been announced that Deadpool would be appearing in season 2, with Nolan North reprising his role from Hulk Vs.. This led to much rejoicing. And then they canceled season 2. One can only imagine the hilarity of hearing North alternate between Cyclops and Deadpool if given the chance.
    • Also it looked like we were going to get an adaptation of Age of Apocalypse from the ending of Season 1 when the Days of Future Past got replaced as the Bad Future Xavier was in.
    • According to multiple interviews, Emma Frost would have turned out to be Not Quite Dead and trapped inside of Jean. Obviously this didn't happen and Emma ended up being Killed Off for Real owing to the cancellation.
    • Associate producer Joshua Fine had reportedly considered incorporating tie-ins with the then-upcoming cartoon The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, such as Wolverine teaming up with Hawkeye and Black Widow on a black ops mission. (Incidentally, some tie-ins with this show did make it into The Avengers, such as Nick Fury asking one of his agents to send Whirlwind to the MRD.)
    • Colossus would have finally become a full-time member. Incidentally, Tara Strong would have voiced Colossus' sister named Magik, one of Tara's early voice acting role she got from X-Men: The Animated Series.
    • Season 2 production art that leaked on line showed that Cyclops and Jean Grey would have worn slightly modified versions of their 90s Jim Lee era costumes, with Jean getting long hair again while Cyclops's suit would have been sans trunks in favor of just having blue pants under a yellow belt.
    • The writers have also stated that had season 2 gone forward fans would have finally seen Cyclops rise up and redeem himself and become the hero we all know him to be. Given that the series ends with Cyclops shown as a minion of Apocalypse in the future, this would presumably involve the series continuing to explore the theme of Professor X contacting Wolverine from the future to prevent a Bad Future from happening.
    • According to a panel at SDCC 2012, Jim Ward revealed he wasn't going to emulate Patrick Stewart when he was originally cast as Xavier, but decided to do so when he heard Tom Kane emulating Ian McKellen as Magneto.
  • Word of God: According to the producers, Wolverine and the X-Men, the "Wolverine" short of Hulk VS, and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! all take place in the same universe, despite the countless continuity snarls that seem to say otherwise.


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