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Trivia / Wipeout (2008)

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  • The Cast Showoff: In "Ballsy Gets a Hard Hat", Kenny gets a moment to show off his juggling skills.
  • Dueling Shows: It later had to compete with American Ninja Warrior, a Foreign Remake of the Japanese Sasuke competitions which started out on the struggling G4 with reruns on NBC, before moving to NBC full-time in 2014. The proposed Wipeout Extreme reboot in 2015 seemed to be a direct response to the more serious, athletics-based competition of Ninja Warrior, but never made it to air.
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  • Fan Nickname: During one episode, Anderson mentions they've gotten a number of 'scorpion' wipeouts which apparently refers to the occasional instances where a contestant's feet touch their head.
  • Name's the Same: The British version is called Total Wipeout to avoid confusion with a 1994-2002 gameshow - the British version of the 1988 Wipeout series.
    • The original American version is also shown in the UK as Total Wipeout USA.

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