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Trivia / Winnie the Pooh (2011)

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  • Acclaimed Flop: As with Disney's previous 2D film, it made a profit and got rave reviewsnote , but its release during a very busy summer movie season hurt its financial success.
  • Creator Backlash: Of a more sad and bittersweet note, Peter Cullen was dismayed that he would not be voicing Eeyore, and acted out a sad, but awesome meeting between Optimus Prime and Eeyore. Ken Sansom also reportedly was dismayed since he had not been asked back for the 2011 film to reprise his role as Rabbit, claiming he was still under contract. Sansom passed away a year after the film's release.
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  • Creator Couple: Songwriters Kristen-Anderson and Robert Lopez are married.
  • Descended Creator: In addition to co-writing the film's songs, Kristen-Anderson Lopez is the voice of Kanga.
  • Dueling Movies: Came the same weekend as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. The decision to set a film like this against the Grand Finale of one of the most beloved fantasy movie series of all time has Disney fans everywhere banging their heads. This decision is truly a head-scratcher, but there's a good chance fans of both would watch one and then follow it up with the other, assuming they're not planning to see Potter at midnight. (Preferred order most likely Deathly Hallows, then Winnie the Pooh.) It may also be a smart decision for Disney regarding families that have older and younger kids. Have one parent take the older kid to see Potter and then the other parent goes with the preschooler to see Pooh. Of course, that begs the question of what to do with the younger kid once Pooh is over, since there's no such thing as a two and a half hour Pooh film.
  • Fan Nickname: Because it features Jim Cummings and Tom Kenny in two leading roles, the movie has sometimes been nicknamed A "CatDog" Reunion.
  • Genre-Killer: While a modest success, breaking even on a $30 million budget, it was nowhere the runaway success that their recent CGI features had been and, along with the somewhat more successful The Princess and the Frog, saw Disney's attempts to alternate between 2D and 3D with each feature flounder. Glen Keane, one of the studio's star animators, left shortly thereafter, closing off the studio's pipeline possibly for good. John Lasseter, once a fierce advocate for keeping 2D alive in the age of CGI, has since announced that the "every other movie is 2D" plan has been dropped. Disney has not released any 2D movies since. Though with Jennifer Lee becoming the new head of the animation division, that may change.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Owl was previously voiced by Andre Stojka, but is played by Craig Ferguson here.
    • Rabbit is voiced by Tom Kenny instead of his previous voice actor Ken Sansom.
    • Kanga was previously voiced by Kath Soucie, but is voiced by Kristen-Anderson Lopez in this film.
    • Peter Cullen voiced Eeyore in most previous Pooh media, but he is played here by Bud Luckey.
  • Reality Subtext: When Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez auditioned to write the songs, they were having some trouble with their four-month-old infant. So in "The Backson Song", they had Kanga claim the Backson "wakes up babies at two or three" from experience.
  • Role Reprise: Jim Cummings and Travis Oates are the only actors to reprise their roles, as Pooh & Tigger and Piglet respectively.


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