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Trivia / Wilde Life

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    • No one can ever seem to remember what Oscar's name is. He's been called everything from "Oliver" to "Scott" to "Roger" in the comments section, and in one or two areas in our own Wilde Life trope page! This has turned into something of a running gag in the comments, where people will deliberately refer to Oscar as "Roger".
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    • People react dramatically and emotionally to (admittedly rather poignant, if subtle) moments with "FEELS" and gifs of characters from movies and shows, and cats acting in a dramatically distressed manner.
    • "Clifford is a cinnamon puppy": Cliff is surprisingly gentle for how stoic he tries to play himself as. The fans absolutely adore this side of him.
    • The Man-Man example above started as a single line from a Thunder Child when they first appear, to distinguish him from the "wolf-mans".

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