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  • Banned in China:
    • Wikipedia is currently banned in all forms in China, though at times it has been allowed as a censored version with only certain languages and pages blocked.
    • It was blocked in Turkey on April 29, 2017, in every language, until it was finally unblocked more than two years later on January 15, 2020. Read more here.
    • As of February 19, 2021, all versions of Wikipedia has been blocked in Myanmar due to the 2021 protests.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • Whatever gets linked on the main page (Today's Featured Article, In the News, On This Day) gets a views spike. The "Did You Know" section in particular has newly made/improved pages the authors want to get this sort of attention.
    • On the receiving end, the Top 25 Report, with the most viewed pages of the previous weeks, shows which topics entered public consciousness (along with recent news and movie/TV/Netflix releases, there are always entries inspired by Google and Reddit).
    • In a more literal example, after Stephen Colbert noted dryly that Wikipedia's article on the lightsaber was longer than its article on the printing press, the printing press article was massively expanded, and today that is no longer true.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Jimmy Wales has expressed irritation with deletionism on the wiki.
    • Larry Sanger has also expressed his dissatisfaction with the wiki, calling it too politically-biased and censored.
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  • Follow the Leader: While Wikipedia isn't the first wiki, it's credited for the popularizing the wiki craze.
  • Meaningful Release Date: Many times, Today's Featured Article will be on a date important to the subject, such as the birthday/anniversary. Taking examples from the most viewed ever: Franz Kafka (his birthday, with a Google Doodle also helping), 2012 phenomenon (one day before the one where it would supposedly happen), Barack Obama (the 2008 election day showcased both him and opponent John McCain), Pluto (had just been visited by a probe), and John Lennon (would've been his 70th birthday).
  • Milestone Celebration:
    • In 2015, the Wikipedia logo added a banner celebrating 5 million articles in the English edition.
    • In 2020, the Wikipedia logo added a banner celebrating 6 million articles in the English edition.
    • On January 15, 2021, Wikipedia celebrated its 20th birthday.
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  • Referenced by...: Not only has Wookieepedia a Pun-Based Title, its logo is also a Visual Pun on Wikipedia's.
  • Trope Namers:
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • Because of the Seigenthaler incident, unregistered users are no longer allowed to start pages. However, they can still edit pages made by other users, unless the page is protected from such edits — and even then, with only a few exceptions, protection is only done for short periods of time.
    • One year, the yearly page documenting April Fools pranks had a header changed from General Tomfoolery to General Jerryfoolery. 2018's April Fools had said header be changed a couple of times to produce a word salad, which inspired some editors to start a joke edit war on this section on 2019 and 2020, changing the section title lots of times. Due to the disruption caused by the April Fools 2020 edit war, the community agreed to ban any more pranks being pulled on the April Fools' pages.

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