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Trivia / Where's the Beef?

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  • Breakaway Advertisement: The phrase "Where's the Beef?" has broken off from its advertising origins to be symbolic of something that has no "meat" to it, whether figuratively or literally.
  • The Merch: "Where's the Beef" had an astronomical amount of products made in its short lifespan, including bumper stickers, frisbees, clothing patches, t-shirts, a Milton Bradley game, earrings, and a record.
  • Throw It In!:
    • Clara Peller was not wearing her hearing aid when she said her classic line, "Where's the beef?", so it came out as a bellow. The producers thought it was funnier that way and kept it.
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    • Clara's original line was supposed to be "Where is all the beef?", but she had difficulty saying it due to her emphysema. The producers decided to run with it anyways, and that decision led to its memetic status.


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