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  • The banner for the secondary channel "La Mezzanine" as well as the Freeze-Frame Bonus-ridden map from episode 37 were drawn by Nadine Saint-Pol; aka Nadou, one of the artists behind the comic Les Légendaires.
  • Blooper: Averted, as Antoine works alone, he answered to a question asking him if he intended to released blooper by saying that there wouldn’t any.
    • He said in "Le 29 avec Antoine Daniel" of January that he thinks of making one, because more people begin to appear in his videos.
  • Creator Breakdown: Now much more interested by making comedic movies than What The Cut, he's yet well aware he cannot stop working on his money maker in order to focus on his passion. He admitted he went back and forth with that idea for two whole years until he couldn't bear it anymore and confessed his breakdown on Youtube, being utterly dissatisfied with what little content he managed to produce. At this point, he simply cannot work on this show anymore and moved on to other projects.
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  • Dueling Shows: With Salut Les Geeks, another french youtube channel with a similar concept.
  • Schedule Slip: Each episode is usually late thanks to Antoine's perfectionism. Episodes 35 onwards took especially long, to the point that several fans feared the series would come to an abrupt stop. Shortly after episodes 35 and 36 were released, Antoine released other videos, where he explained why these episodes took so much longer to finish, and apologized for not giving fans any kind of news (Though he did admit that an upside to not giving news is that it prevented the episode from suffering from Hype Backlash). His schedule slip has become infamous in the latter years and went under Memetic Mutation.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: His Indian video episode was flagged and he had to reupload it with some clips removed, which makes the timing/editing less smooth and a bit more awkward.
  • Trolling Creator: From time to time, in "Le 29 avec Antoine Daniel".
    • In #3:
      Question: If your Youtube carreer went to its end, what would you do to earn money?
      Antoine Daniel: Prostitution is obviously what I would do. [He then seriously answers]
      Question: Why did you choose Richard the Dog in your videos?
      Antoine Daniel: I didn’t, he imposed himself in my videos, this son of a b-
      Question: Does your relatives know you make videos?
      Antoine Daniel: No, they don’t, I do this in secrecy, I'm ashamed of those videos, they are crap, I think that if they’d learn the existence of this Youtube channel, they’ll reject me and I’ll end under a bridge with nothing left… Of course, my family knows my videos, my parents love them, my grandparents know I do it but don’t really understand because it isn’t their generation, but there’s also my cousins, everyone in my family know What The Cut, and I think that everyone like it.
      Question: Is Benjamin Daniel, aka Benzaie, your brother?
      Antoine Daniel: No, we’re husband and wife!
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    • In #4, one of the questions asked him if he has a girlfriend and to show a photograph. He answered by showing the photograph of a goat. Also in #4:
      Question: What is the most What the fuck thing you lived/saw IRL?
      Antoine Daniel: When I put a bomb in a kindergarten, then when it exploded I said: "Wow, what the fuck!"
    • In #6, he explains with a falsely serious tone that being photographed with himself during a upcoming French convention cost 500 euros.
    • In #7:
      Question: If you could have only one job during your whole life, what would you do?
      Antoine Daniel: Dwarf tosser. It’s a long time since I want to do it.
      Question: How can I call my female kitten?
      Antoine Daniel: Jean-Pierrenote .

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