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For the movie

  • California Doubling: Set in Flagstaff, Arizona but certainly not filmed there. Apparently a lot of it was shot in Susanville, in the very northeast tip of California, while other parts were shot in the Los Angeles area. note 
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  • Fake American: Nearly every cast member. Special mention goes to Natalie, whose first language is clearly not English. note 
    "You and Noel is in it for fame and fortune. But over my dead body!"
  • Money, Dear Boy: Rather harshly averted with Jorge "George" Rivero who never got paid for this film and never worked on an American non-union production again.
  • Same Language Dub: Some of Natalie's dialogue is dubbed by an American actress, presumably due to sound quality issues and Adrianna Miles not being available for ADR sessions. It's therefore somewhat tempting to wonder why the producers didn't just have Miles's entire performance overdubbed.
  • Troubled Production: According to an article written by one of the actors, the film had to be shot on specific dates with long intervals in between due to being severely under funded, which explains why the three diggers vanish after the first act, and why Yuri's hair style keeps changing throughout the film.

For the TV series

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Due to rights issues for some of the music used in the series, the company that was originally going to release Werewolf on DVD had to cancel the project and give the show's materials back to Sony.

For the game

  • Fan Nickname:
    • In addition to each "flavor" of the game having their own rolenames, the uninformed majority is generally called "Town" and the informed minority "Scum".
    • Role variants for the protective and investigative roles are often referred to by "Sanity"—for example, a "Naive Cop/Seer" is an investigator whose always told anyone they investigate is Innocent.
  • The Wiki Rule:, a repository for pretty much all things Mafia, including setups, roles, terms, and a forum in which to play with others.


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