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Trivia / Weresquito: Nazi Hunter

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  • Playing Against Type: Many of Mihm's regular stable of actors are cast against type in this film.
    • Douglas Sidney, who previously played two scientists, plays soldier John Baker.
    • Rachel Grubb, who previously played an aggressive amazon, plays the meeker (but still feisty) waitress Leisl.
    • James Norgard, who usually plays grandfatherly men, plays the Nazi mad-scientist who creates the Weresquito.
    • Mike Cook, who played the kindly Dr. Edwards in several earlier films, appears as Nazi Karl Schmidt.
    • Daniel Sjerven, who usually plays aggressive but heroic characters, plays Leisl's abusive suitor Eric.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Cpl. John Baker is played by Mihmiverse regular Douglas Sidney, who previously played Barney Collins in The Late Night Double Feature and Dr. Collins in Attack of the Moon Zombies.
    • Leisl Schmidt is played by Mihmiverse regular Rachel Grubb, who previously played Amy in The Monster of Phantom Lake and Hagra in Cave Women on Mars.
    • Mihmiverse regular James Norgard, who played Dr. Gabriel in several movies, plays the role of Dr. Schramm.
    • Stephanie Mihm has a cameo as the woman in the diner.
    • Mihmiverse regular Daniel Sjerven plays the role of Eric, having played the reoccurring role of Captain Frehley in two earlier films among other roles.
    • Mihmiverse regular Mike Cook, who played Dr. Edwards in multiple films among other roles, plays the role of Nazi Karl Schmidt.


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