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  • Actor Allusion: Intern Dana has prior experience with her double.
  • Colbert Bump: Many of the bands who provide The Weather will receive a download/sales spike afterwards.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: Intern Hannah Reff was named for a winner on a Night Vale-themed episode of Ask Me Another. Lampshaded at the end of the episode, when Cecil advertises Night Vale Radio's newest hit trivia show Ask Me Another, But I'll Never Talk, You Fiend, I'll Never Talk.
  • The Danza: Cecil, voiced by Cecil Baldwin, Kevin, voiced by Kevin Free, and Lauren, voiced by Lauren Sharpe. As noted below, they all have ties to the Neo-Futurists improv group which uses cast members' real names in sketches, likely the inspiration for the podcast.
    "It was very strange for me, I think it was in the fourth or fifth episode, when I read the script and found out the character’s name is Cecil—which, of course, is my name," Baldwin said. "And I wrote Joseph an email and I was like, ‘So am I playing myself or is this supposed to be autobiographical or am I playing a character who just happens to be called Cecil or is it just a coincidence or is it kind of all three together?’ And Joseph was like, ‘Yeah, it’s really everything.’" —from an interview
    • In an odd case of reverse-Danza, Intern Maureen was introduced and apparently met her fate mid-way through the show's second year, only to re-appear in Old Oak Doors voiced by author Maureen Johnson.
  • He Also Did:
    • If you're a Something Awful Goon, yep, this is the same Joseph Fink that used to write front-page articles.
    • Jeffrey Cranor (Co-writer), Dylan Marron (Voice of Carlos), Cecil Baldwin (Voice of Cecil), Kevin Free (Voice of Kevin), and Lauren Sharpe (Voice of Lauren) are fixtures in the New York performance art scene, with ties to the Neo-Futurists.
  • Hoist By His Own 'Persand: In the 1st season book collection, one of the authors tells how he felt it to be artistically absolutely indisposable that there was a "&" and no ordinary "and" in 11th episode's title "Wheat & Wheat By-Products". Unfortunately, "&" is a special character and the podcast software was nonplussed, or should that be, nonampersanded.
  • Jossed: One popular fanon for Cecil was having his last name be Baldwin, just like his voice actor. In "Cassette" however, it was revealed that his full name is Cecil Gershwin Palmer.
    • Real Life Writes the Plot: According to an interview with Cecil Baldwin the creators gave Night Vale!Cecil a different last name because when "Cecil Baldwin" was Googled only Welcome to Night Vale related fanart or posts showed up.
    • The popular fanon of Cecil wearing a well put together waistcoat becomes more and more out of place as we learn more about his fashion sense.
  • I Knew It!: When the announcements at the beginning of "Past Time" said the next episode would be a sequel to a previous one, many predicted it would be a sequel to "The September Monologues."
  • Queer Character, Queer Actor: Both Cecil and Carlos are played by gay men. Originally, Carlos was voices by series co-creator Jeffrey Cranor, but his voice actor was changed in a deliberate attempt to achieve this trope.
  • The Other Darrin: Carlos was voiced by series co-creator Jeffrey Cranor for his appearances in "The Phone Call" and the first performance of "Condos". Commonplace Books announced in December 2013 that Carlos' subsequent appearances would be voiced by Dylan Marron, as a straight white actor playing a queer Latino character had some Unfortunate Implications, especially given the backlash described on the YMMV page. Marron debuted in the recorded performance of "Condos", and the voice change was explained with Carlos having gotten his vocal cords replaced during a routine checkup. Otherwise, you know, throat spiders.
    • The Pete Best: Jeffrey Cranor only recorded one episode as Carlos. After Dylan Marron took over the role, Carlos started making more regular appearances.
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  • The Wiki Rule: There is a wiki! It's currently quite small, but listen: no wiki is perfect. It becomes perfect when you learn to accept it for what it is.
  • Word of Saint Paul: After his first appearance, LOTS of people in fandom took it as fact that Earl Harlan either wanted or had previously been in a romantic relationship with Cecil. Earl's voice actor Wil Wheaton later invoked this trope in response to Tumblr-rage over his casting, stating that he'd been told during prep that Cecil and Earl are Just Friends and that Earl's sexuality is currently unconfirmed.


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