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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Their list videos are more often than not filled with absolutely hilariously incorrect facts that anyone with even a passing knowledge of the subject matter would balk at, not helped by the sheer quantities of videos they upload in a week. Even Wikipedia has deemed them a mostly unreliable source as they are not experts in any of the fields they cover:
    • In their "Top 10 Nintendo Trivia You Probably Didn't Know" list, Dan Paradis mistook the Damsel in Distress from Donkey Kong, for Princess Peach when in actuality, it's Pauline. He later rectify the mistake in their "Top 10 Disappointing Arcade Ports". He also mistook Bowser Jr. for Baby Bowser in their "Top 10 2D Mario Levels" list.
    • In their "Top 10 Worst Superhero Video Games" list, Dan states that Spawn: The Eternal was developed by Capcom when in actuality, it was developed by Sony Interactive Studios America.note 
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    • In the video entitled "The Origins of Goofy", Rebecca thought that Goofy and Max's pet cat from Goof Troop is called "Whiskers", when in actuality, he's called "Waffles".
    • In their list of the Top 10 Gundams, they placed a rule where only Gundams will be counted. Fair enough. This is immediately followed by them placing Turn X at #10, which is not a Gundam. And somehow it only gets worse from there: They capped it off by insisting that the Wing Gundam was the best and most powerful Gundam in the franchise, consistently mistaken it for the Wing Zero, which replaced and upgraded it halfway through the series. WatchMojo would rectify this by renaming the video "Top 10 Mobile Suits from the Gundam Franchise".
    • Their video for "Top 10 Worst Filler Arcs" claims that the Orange Islands were awkwardly placed and that people were just eager to see Ash go to Johto, claiming they wanted to see Ash "battle Gym Leaders" and fight in the League. Not only was the Orange Islands arc released because the Johto games weren't finished yet, the Orange Islands arc actually featured the series' very first full battle and Ash's first League victory.
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    • In their "Top 10 Unnecessary Cartoon Character Redesigns" video, they mistook the characters from Loonatics Unleashed for the actual Looney Tunes characters when in actuality, they were their descendants. They also referred to the show as a reboot even though it's actually a spinoff. This mistake would later be rectified in their "Top 10 Cartoons That Aged Badly (2000s)" video. In that same video, they believe that Porky's design from New Looney Tunes right down to the necktie was made up for the show when it was actually based on his design from the 1930s.
    • In their "Top 10 Darkest Nintendo Characters" video, they listed Skull Kid #1, saying that he was responsible for everything in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. However, it's made very clear that Majora's Mask itself is the true cause of everything while Skull Kid is a major Jerkass Woobie who was being controlled by the mask for the entire game.
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    • In the video entitled "The Complete History of Crash Bandicoot", Phoebe De Jeu thought that the story of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back has Cortex capture and brainwash Crash while Coco tries to snap him out of his mind control. In actuality, Cortex simply pretends to turn over a new leaf and convinces Crash into collecting the 25 crystals and bringing them to him so he can "save the world" while Coco tries to warn Crash about Cortex's true intentions of harnessing the crystals to power up his Cortex Vortex on the planet. She also calls Wumpa Fruit "apples"note  and claims that there are multiple party games for home consoles, even though Crash Bash is the only one.note 
  • Distanced from Current Events:
    • The channel aired the "Top 10 Infamous Mass Shootings in the U.S." on December 5, 2012, on YouTube, a week prior to the Sandy Hook Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The company recognized this and left a notice explaining about the video and reminded viewers how unpredictable such actions can be. Adding to this, WatchMojo's top 10 stories of 2012 video was released on December 13, 2012, the day before the shooting.
    • After the video "Top 10 Orlando Nightclub Shooting Facts" was released, which was roughly a week after the actual shooting, the video was slammed with an immense amount of dislikes for its insensitivity. They tried to salvage it by changing the title to "WMNews: Orlando Nightclub Shooting" but the video itself remained a top 10 list with the content completely unchanged.
  • In Memoriam: "Top Ten Tom Petty Songs" was posted the day after the singer's passing. It also didn't take long for top ten lists of songs by The Tragically Hip and The Cranberries after the passings of Gord Downie and Dolores O'Riordan.
  • Old Shame:
    • WatchMojo seems to regret putting Gravity Falls, which is generally considered to be one of Disney Channel's best cartoons, on its "Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows" list with the flimsy reasoning of the show's Black Comedy. Many viewers and fans cried foul and called WatchMojo hypocrites for using that as the only reason why while simultaneously praising Invader Zim despite the latter's far more twisted sense of humor. This is lampshaded in the "Top 10 Cartoon Shows of the 2010s" video where the narrator says, "Let's pretend this never made WatchMojo's 'Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows List'".
    • Their "Top 10 Video Game Consoles Nobody Bought" video garnered a lot of controversy when fans noticed that it borrowed heavily from Larry Bundy's "Top 10 ACTUAL Worst Selling Consoles" video. When Larry revealed that he had exaggerated certain facts in his video, which proved that WatchMojo had plagiarized it, they took their video down. The "apology" email they sent him only worsened things, since it all-but admitted they never do their own research and spent more time justifying their actions and complaining about Larry's reviewing style (since it caused them to get caught) than actually apologizing. As Larry mockingly paraphrased the Backhanded Apology: "Stop putting locks on your doors, it makes it harder for us to burgle you".

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