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Trivia / Warriors All-Stars

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  • Acting for Two : Both Naotora and Laegrinna are voiced by Yuka Saitou and while Sayo and her demon form are voiced by Aya Endo.
  • I Knew It!: When the developers stated the core characters would be limited to 30 (pre-Downloadable Content), many players guessed the last spot would go to Nioh protagonist William, given the proximity of both games' releases being roughly a month apart, and so Koei Tecmo can promote both. Indeed, William was the last character revealed for the roster following a developer's livestream of Nioh on Koei Tecmo's Youtube channel.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Zhou Cang, who was revealed to be a newcomer for the then-upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 makes his first official appearance in this game, and is treated as an Early-Bird Cameo.
    • A more straightforward example would be Hajime Arima and Darius, both of whom hail from the Harukanaru Tokino Nakade series, an otome visual novel franchise. This series has never seen an official release outside of Japan, and so Warriors All-Stars marks the western debut of both characters.
  • Model Dissonance: While some characters may or may not mesh well with each other in the same setting via their models, Word of God stated that Sophie's case in particular had them go over around 40 different models for her just to get the look they were trying to go for.
  • Playing Against Type: Tomoyo Kurosawa enjoyed talking to multiple characters as Chris. She also enjoys the fact that her character is surprisingly weak to alcohol.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Warriors All-Stars was going to be a Warriors Orochi Sequel, but the developers wanted to evolve the Warriors formula and series. There were over 300 ideas for a name, and they picked "Stars" because it gets straight to the point that it's about the featured characters. Finally, the roster is narrowed down because if there were too many characters, the game would wind up being like Warriors Orochi, which isn't what the developers wanted to do with Warriors All-Stars. This may explain the reduced number of characters from both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, to make way for characters who have not appeared in a Warriors game before.
    • According to Word of God, Gracia was supposed to be Samurai Warriors's female representative but Naotora took the spot due to her presence in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.

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