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Trivia / Warhammer: The End Times

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  • Fan Nickname: Mannfred von Carstein is derisively known as "Manlet von Carstein" because his sheer pettiness was crucial in causing the End Times to succeed which included resurrecting Nagash (of all people!), driving Tyrion into drawing the Sword of Khaine, killing Balthasar Gelt and Vlad von Carstein (both of who are much more popular and successful than Mannfred could ever HOPE to be), and finally tampering with the Vortex to destabilize it into a world-ending vacuum. This made him an infamous character that the fandom LOVES TO HATE because he's a whiny, egotistical sociopath who decided that if he couldn't have everything in the world for himself, then NO ONE ELSE CAN. Also, Mannfred's capacity for treachery and arrogance is such that even the Skaven would be disgusted by him which really says a lot about his character.
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  • Teasing Creator: Josh Reynolds tosses a lot of references and payoffs to his previous books into Lord of the End Times... including a few to the Abhorash novel rounding out the Blood of Nagash series that GW pulled the plug on, which he refuses to explain.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Josh Reynolds clarified a lot of things online that the writers had decided on but didn't make it into the final books (Thanquol survived and moved Skavenblight into the warp, Skarsnik and his forces joined the Beast Waaagh and fought in the final battle, etc.). GW eventually asked him to stop since he doesn't technically work for them.

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