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Trivia / Wang Film Productions

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  • Fan Nickname: The studio has been referred to as "Asia's Disney".
  • Production Posse:
    • Hanna-Barbera, since they basically helped create the studio in the first place. H-B extensively used the studio throughout the late '70s to the mid-90s, though they gradually phased them out in favor of Fil-Cartoons, Rough Draft Studios and others.
    • Nelvana has used both the main studio and Hong Guang on several of their projects
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    • Disney has also used the company heavily since the 1980s. To put this into perspective: The only Disney animated series where Wang wasn't utilized as an overseas studio have been: The Wuzzles, Adventures Of The Gummi Bears, Pepper Ann, Doug, Recess, House of Mouse, Lloyd in Space, Mickey Mouse Works, The Proud Family, The Buzz on Maggie, Kim Possible, and some of their more recent stuffnote . Every other show has used them.

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