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Trivia that applies to the Walkyverse as a whole:

  • Milestone Celebration: Willis loves him some anniversary.
    • #3/2000 (It's Walky!): After being Out of Focus for ten months, we get another look at the remaining Indiana College characters.
    • #5/2002 (It's Walky!): Joyce and Walky, who will become the Official Couple, spend their first night together.
    • #6/2003 (limited print): A poster featuring every single character from the past six years.
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    • #7/2004 (It's Walky!): We get a brief cutaway to Danny and Joe that directly references their Roomies! days in the middle of a massive battle much more focused on SEMME.
    • #8/2005 (Joyce and Walky!): Each paid month comes with a computer wallpaper; this month's recreates the first strip's last panel.
    • #9/2006 (Joyce and Walky!): Danny and Billie move into a house together, Danny mentions the events of the first strip.
    • #10/2007
      • Joyce and Walky!: The birth of Billie and Danny's daughter DJ results in a warped, stress-enduced flashback to the first strip.
      • Limited print: A poster featuring most of the major characters.
    • #11/2008 (Shortpacked!): The comic homages via dialogue the first strip, the death of two major characters, a memorable speech Walky made once, and it all ends with a Roomies! Title Drop. There's also the signifigant event of the main SP! characters all moving in together.
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    • #12/2009 (Shortpacked!): Joyce and Walky guest appearance as they decide to have Robin authenticate their wedding.
    • #13/2010 (Dumbing of Age): Dumbing of Age's first comic occurs, in order to conserve the anniversary cross-universe.
    • #14/2011
      • Shortpacked!: Amber accepts Mike's wedding proposal.
      • Dumbing of Age: We get a comic on a Saturday.
    • #15/2012