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  • Follow the Leader: As soon as the swear-pack became available to download, originality in the field of Thomas YouTube Poop went down significantly.
  • Old Shame:
    • The swear pack. Somewhat rectified by the ceasing of distribution of said swear pack.
    • The Disgusting Era of WTL Networks history.
  • Screwed by the Network: In March 2011, the WTL Network channel was deleted due to multiple copyright infringement strikes, however they returned within weeks with more material.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • "It All Started Back In Second Grade..." was originally planned to be titled "The Poop Stops Here" (which is spoken at the end of the video), but the members of WTL feared that their fans would mistake it for being their final video, so they instead went for the resulting title.
      • An earlier working title for this video was Reccards.
    • The parody of Pulp's "Common People" in "Pogo On This, HiT!" was originally supposed to be a parody of "Lipgloss", but Jarvis Cocker's movements in the video were too fast to edit, so "Common People" was used instead.
    • There were also several WTL poops in the works before they closed in 2013, including the highly anticipated "Vernon and the Japanese Golfer Joke", as well as a Thomas and the Magic Railroad poop with the working title "Sausage, Bicycle...*hic*".
  • The Wiki Rule: WTL Network has its own wiki, WikiTL.

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