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Trivia / WOW Women of Wrestling

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  • Acting for Two: Kristen Davidson played both The Disciplinarian and Misery of The Daughters of Darkness during the promotion's original run.
  • Breakup Breakout: Averted. Unlike GLOW, which gave the world the woman who became Ivory in WWE, no one from WOW's original run made it to the big time. Santana Garrett did get signed by TNA, AAA and WWE, but she was already WOW's biggest star for reasons largely unrelated for what she did in WOW prior and was still on WOW after TNA didn't work out.
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  • The Danza: Lana Kinnear as Lana Star
  • Fan Community Nicknames:
    • The Rioters ("The Heavy Metal Maniac" Riot)
    • Danger's Dawg Pack
  • Name's the Same
    • Another Poison operated in the US during the early 2000s.
    • Two women, Kristen Davidson (original run) and Robyn Reid (2018 revival), have played The Disciplinarian over the promotion's run. Likewise, the name Razor has been shared by Christina Von Eerie and Sarah Wolfe.
    • World Of Wrestling and Warriors Of Wrestling also operated in the United States, and since Women Of Wrestling's revival saw more independent circuit wrestlers come in, all three WOWs had some talent overlap.
  • The Pete Best: Wendi Wheels was originally a member of The Beach Patrol as "Sunny."
  • What Could Have Been: An intended second PPV, Spring Vengeance, never happened.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • The Temptress is better known as Katarina Waters.
    • Jungle Grrrl, real name Erica D. Porter, was one of Bonesaw McGraw's "Bone-ettes" in Spider-Man.
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    • "The Real Deal" Selina Majors and Thug were, respectively, Bambi and Peggy Lee Leather in GLOW, POWW, at AWA SuperClash III and about a million other promotions. Peggy Lee was also Lady X in the LPWA.
    • Spike is better known as Hudson Envy
    • The 2016 revival's Razor is better known as Christina Von Eerie.
    • Fire is better known as Kiera Hogan.
    • Abilene Maverick is better known as Barbi Hayden.
    • Eye Candy is better known as Willow Nightingale.
    • Serpentine is better known as Thunder Rosa/Kobra Moonnote .
    • Fury is better known as Harlow O'Hara.
    • The 2018 revival's Razor is better known as CWFH's Sarah Wolfe.
    • Adrenaline is better known as Angel Rose/Diamante.
    • Azteca/Reyna Reyes is better known as Gisele Shaw.

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