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Trivia / WCW Monday Nitro

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  • Acting for Two: Akira Hokuto entered the Nitro women's title tournament as herself and then again under a mask as Reina Jubuki. This was wouldn't have been strange back in AJW but it lead to her being stripped of the CMLL World Women's title, as they take masks more seriously(though it could have been due to AAA partnering with WCW instead or in addition to it). To add insult to injury, WCW hardly did anything with the women's title belt despite having several wrestlers for Hokuto to face. Luckily for her, GAEA back in Japan were more than happy to host defenses of the WCW belt.
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  • Dueling Shows: With WWF Monday Night Raw. These two shows weren't merely "duelling", they were at war. And it was often a very ugly conflict.

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