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  • Creator Backlash: Blackie Lawless called Inside the Electric Circus "a pile of junk" and claimed that it was rushed quick to capitalize on their rising controversy. Only the title track has been played live from it since the albums tour.
  • Creator Breakdown: Kill, Fuck, Die was as dark as it was partially because Lawless and Holmes had both just gotten out of bad relationships and were quite a bit worse for wear.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Capitol Records left out "Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)" from the debut album to ensure it could be sold in the stores.
    • Snapper Music released The Sting (a live album made from a experimental gig shown through the internet) without Blackie Lawless' consent.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: W.A.S.P. fans are known as Hellions.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Since he became a born again Christian, some fans have taken to calling Blackie Lawless "Whitie Lawful."
    • Another nickname for Blackie is King of Mercy, a reference to the Crimson Idol album.
  • Follow the Leader: Alice Cooper was rather open in his dislike of the band, claiming they were merely copying him without any originality to their act.
  • He Also Did: Blackie Lawless replaced Johnny Thunders in the New York Dolls shortly before that band imploded.
  • Old Shame: "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)" has become this for Blackie ever since he became a born-again Christian (again). As such, he's swore never to play it live again. Though, interestingly enough, t-shirts related to the song are still easily obtainable from the band's own website....
  • The Pete Best: The band's first two bassists Rik Fox and Don Costa both qualify.
    • Don Costa basically vanished after he left the group after they recorded ther second demo (he did very briefly play for Ozzy Osbourne in 1983, though).
    • Rik Fox made a bit more of an impact in that he was responsible for the band's name, and that the Face the Attack demo made it onto the internet because the original copy was stolen from his car.Other than that, his career pretty much died before the end of the '80s He does have his own page on The Other Wiki, but considering how in depth it is and how much it praises him, it's pretty obvious he wrote it himself.
  • What Could Have Been: Blackie Lawless was one of the candidates to play T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but he was too tall to get the role.
    • The Crimson Idol was going to be a solo record for Blackie, but he released it under the W.A.S.P. name under label pressure.

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