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  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder General rule: if a roleplay is pushed back to the second page, expect no one to post in it for a while.
  • Creator Breakdown: FREDD-E suffered from a long period of depression. It led to the creation of White Enterprises, The Swarm, and the Infinite Entity.
  • Flip-Flop of God: treehugger0123 has a bad habit of this.
    • A good bit of Catherine's backstorynote  is set to be rewritten when White Storm finishes up.
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    • HAN-D was initially a BnL robot who lived with the colony, then she was a White Enterprises robot who lived with the GDA. Now she's from the same planet as Tempest, but is still staying with the GDA
    • Darkshade, Herbie, and Wallaby were once normal K-9s, rather than a Stealth, a Sport, and a rejected Dingo Survey Robot, respectively.
    • Rainbow was once less willing than she is now to accept Spectrum's advances.
    • The Captain of the Wonka started out as just straight up Vanellope von Schweetz. Now she's Candice von Bon Bon.
  • Permanent Placeholder: Brad and Tempest were originally meant to be temporary names until treehugger0123 could come up with something better.
  • Sure, Why Not?:
    • The flagship of the Ecoships didn't have a decided name until Masterweaver called it the Ecoship Prime in his addition to Catherine's backstory. While the rest of said addition was retconned due to Masterweaver's disappearance, the name stuck.
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    • Most of Tempest's characterization was born from this; see Characterization Marches On on the main page.
    • At one point in Anniversaries, Mother Nature and KATANA were squabbling, and treehugger0123 wanted to end it by having Catherine, Mother Nature's captain, intervene. Since their fight was in a private transmission, tree asked FREDD-E if CATH-Es could hack into such transmissions. He admitted it was a good idea, so they rolled with it. He later told her that, since there were several iterations of CATH-Es, if there was anything she did or didn't want to have Catherine be able to do, they could just claim that it was specific to her iteration to make it easier.
    • It's pretty much a running joke in the current "blended"note  canon that any pairing that is so much as joked about, dreamed of, or what have you will somehow be made canon. Among others, this has spawned Roscuro/OCri, Dan/Jasmine, and Catherine/Sandro.
  • What Could Have Been: Rainbow and Melody were initially going to be sisters. As it is, they're almost never without each other.
    • Aldrasio was meant to be his creator's first villain. Aldrasio was supposed to nearly kill Yuri, launching an investigation. When found out, Life was supposed to kill him in a fury. Which would have meant some Serious Business from then on out.
    • Houdini was supposed to be the only K-9 who got along with cats when Cri 86 first wrote his biography. The character eventually took life of his own, and he's now a believer that dog-bots rule and cat-bots drool.
    • HAN-D was meant to be a little more aggressive than the kind, timid adaptoid seen now.
    • Probably the most extreme example yet: Too many plotlines to list—including the entirety of Unmasked and the introductions of several characters—were planned to take place, but the permanent shutdown of the forum on which the RPs were held means they will never be realized except in the RPer's minds. While the Forum was eventually brought back online, the time frame inbetween coupled with the sheer complexity of the RP meant that no-one knew where to pick up from and decided to just start anew. Some of the RPers have taken to playing out some of their old planned scenes in PM, but that's about it.

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