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  • Acting for Two: Minor characters tend to share the same voices due to their Text-To-Speech nature. As of Season 3, sockpuppet characters tend to share the same voice as their Mastermind.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: In episode 20.2, the video states that Rainy Day (aka Gomakashi) takes control over Symfora. Actually, he never took control of Symfora, only temporarily taking Astrum hostage.
  • No Budget: It's a series of short videos using screenshots, music and Text to Speech. It's really nothing fancy.
  • The Conspiracy: There is a long running conspiracy that Shane is a mastermind that has created a load of fake accounts as part of some twisted game. There are several clues that the Vresun Conspiracy could be true:
    • Anytime a drama arc starts, the Seymours tend to leave unless they're a part of the drama.
    • Most of the users all have anime avatars, some of which are girls in gasmasks or lingerie.
    • Kim and Cosette have been proven to be the same person. It's also possible that the Eternals are also sockpuppets of other users as well.
    • Any time Kushagra calls them out on being the same person, they all leave and come up with an excuse. They end up returning with different personalities before the cycle starts again.
    • Ellen is literally a female version of Shane, complete with depression. Their whole couple sctick only makes this more obvious.
    • All of them tend to have one or two sob stories to tell. The Seymours/Ellen/Shane tend to be the most notorious for this practice.
    • Even when Kushagra tells everyone of King of Despair's disguise plan, they all still choose to believe it.
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    • The Eternals only ever target Shane/Karjam/Ellen/The Seymours. They tend to ignore King of Despair (who is trying to stop them) or Kushagra (who knows a lot about them). Their attacks always involve putting Vresun under lockdown before releasing it. They panicked when Kushagra used their own tricks on them because it wasn't in their 'script'.
    • It's very possible that to create the illusion of Vresun being hacked, the Masterminds coordinate an attack by banning everyone and blaming it on the Eternals.
    • Despite a lot of users being members of Vresun, only a few of them ever show up. Yet when a major event happens, they all show up without fail.
    • None of them learn a single thing. Shane happens be a notorious example of this since a majority of the drama arcs wouldn't have happened if he put his foot down.
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    • Shane may have intentionally given Kushagra mod powers so that if Kushagra deleted Vresun, Shane would have a scapegoat on hand to redirect the blame away from him.
  • Missing Episode: Vresun's deletion caused a lot of information to be lost. It's history has been preserved on Youtube and various other places.
  • Word of God: Due to Vresun belong lost forever, any information about it here (that isn't shown in the series itself) tends to be this.
  • What Could Have Been: After all the drama arcs ended, there was going to be a 'Reboot Era' that would have moved Vresun forward. There was even going to a cyber themed role-playing game to go with it. Of course, the Apocalypse Turnabout happened instead...
    • Pierre Bruno was considered to be revealed as The Eternal Pagliacci. The idea never came to be.
    • Vresun Ciraian Ruins was going to be a Metroidvania game with 100 or so characters. It never got past the planning phase. The video series was named after the planned game.
    • Several of the members had stories relating to the Dragon Riders universe. Vresun's deletion killed of the various continuities of that series.
    • Season 2 would have been very different had the forums still been intact or archived.
    • Episode 20.1 originally had a different thumbnail; Both Episode 20.1 and 20.2 were planned to be one episode before being split into two due to concerns about time length.
    • Episode 21 was originally going to have Ariana sing as her introduction. It came off as grating and was removed. Another scene involving dialogue between her, Gomakashi and Gwyneth was cut to reduce the video's length.
    • Episode 23 was originally going to be the 25th episode but was moved earlier in the series. Also, instead of Angel Ellen, the jumpscares were of an evil Shane holding severed heads.
  • Vaporware: The game Vresun Ciraian Ruins never came to be and any info about has been erased aside from a few remnants of it.

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