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Trivia / Voyage of the Eldritch

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  • This game has the most variables, especially impressive since it's a second project!
  • Misako will be available in a future chapter, if you can figure out just where to find her! Also her hair colour is of scheele's green.
  • The plot of this story was planned years in advance...
  • Misako's theme song is the Gospel Music styled song You Inhabit My Heart and... the revelant Spectrum by Zedd.
  • Olapen's theme song would be the Asian song called I Don't Love You Enough by Andy Lau and Kelly Chen
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  • Odaxitar's theme song is the upbeat Mandarin song Phoenix Legend
  • The archangels are Biblically accurate!
  • Character Blog: I'm thinking of doing the character-blogs for the characters.
  • A Developer's Room is in the works.
  • A theme of the game is "Light versus darkness."
  • The succubi's theme song is Nightstep- Move into Light- Juventa (feat. Erica Curran)
  • The main idea of Jihibukai the "Merciful" was partially inspired by the figure of Guan-Yin, the Chinese goddess of Mercy.
  • Done as a Milestone Celebration for all my stories!
  • This game is planned to have three main endings: Good, bad and neutral
  • Shout-Out: The succubi's kind nature were heavily inspired by Childhood's End, and it shows.
  • Each Venusian has specific Flower Motifs associated with them:
    • Landon is modelled after either bluebell or snowdrop
    • Misako is modelled after a mixture of red lotus, borage and/or blood-lily
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    • Cynthia is modelled after a sunflower

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