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Trivia / Virgin vs. Chad

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  • The Other Darrin: Several characters have two (or more) templates.
    • The original Wizard is a directly exaggerated Virgin from the original meme. while the second is modelled as an exaggeration of the Neckbeard. There is also a third Wizard, which has a cape, though this version is rarely, if ever, used.
    • Lad is first portrayed as a darker exaggerated Chad and Thad, with gelled hair and overly developed muscles. Lad's remake is bald with fair skin, and involves him lifting his bulge up with a wheelbarrow.
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    • The first incarnation of Dad is a demigod like figure whose bulge is the entire Earth. He was remade into an exaggerated (yet positively portrayed) Lad, with a long bulge sticking like a tail and the heads of Virgin, Chad and Thad on his chin. A rarely used version of the Dad, which hasn't seen much use, has lightsaber hair, sharp chin and overly grotesque muscles that cause spasms.
    • The original Bad is portrayed as an Orcus on His Throne, with a phallus worm that talks for him, overly muscular arms and no muscles on his legs. An enslaved Chad is seen carrying his bulge. His second incarnation is a wildly different character, made to be a parody of the low-effort OCs. He is an edited Basic with a mountain as a hat, sharp beard, purple skin and long shoes that say 'Bad'.

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