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Trivia / Vincent Price

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  • Actor Allusion: Narrated Tim Burton's short film Vincent, about a young boy named Vincent Malloy who wanted to be "just like Vincent Price."
  • Big Name Fan: Tim Burton
  • The Danza: As Vincent van Ghoul in The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.
  • Doing It for the Art: Although he sometimes took roles to finance his support of the arts, he always made a point of having fun even when in bad movies.
  • Playing Against Type: For a guy who is best remembered for playing campy, hammy villains, he had quite a hefty number of these:
    • His final live-action appearance as the Inventor in Edward Scissorhands— a Mad Scientist who lives in the stereotypical Gothic castle and has a creation, but is the most kindly and loving person you could ever meet. Extremely memorable and touching, since it is probably the role most like his real self.
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    • The Tingler builds him up as the Villain Protagonist only to have him ultimately turn out to be a pretty okay guy
    • House on Haunted Hill has the twist ending that he was the intended victim all along.
    • Perhaps most amusingly, in The Raven, he played an overdramatic and darkly-styled but heroic Camp Straight magician.
    • In The Last Man on Earth, he was a normal man struggling to survive in a world overrun by zombie-like vampires.
    • In The Pit and the Pendulum he plays a tragic character who is driven insane by his wife and becomes the villain at the movie's climax.
    • To a degree in Witchfinder General; he's a villain, like most of his famous roles, but he's a genuinely sadistic and psychopathic villain instead of a campy, panto one.
    • In The Whales of August (1987), he plays a kindly, gentle Impoverished Patrician who romances Lillian Gish.
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    • In His Kind of Woman, he's a foppish actor modeled after Errol Flynn.
    • In the original The Fly he's a perfectly nice guy just trying to understand what terrible fate has befallen his friend.
  • What Could Have Been: Tim Burton, his late-in-life friend, was in the early stages of a documentary about him called Conversations With Vincent when he passed away.

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